My name is Harley Kellis. i come from a broken home. my father is in prison and my mom is going to be remarried very soon. i mess up alot in my life like any typical teenager. i have a little brother and sister. my brother is my life. i write poems when i have something every strongly on my mind at the time. some of my poems will be about the same thing and might sound the same but that depends on how you want to read them


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I thought you were my family
And i thought you were my friend
I thought we would always be together till the very end
You said that you loved me... more »

As Time Passes By!

As time passes by the cuts get deeper
As time passes by my heart gets weaker
As time passes by I start to cry
As time passes by my soul starts to die... more »


YOU hold me just when i need it,
YOU have me like no one else,
YOU make my life have reason!
YOU look at me like someone important,... more »

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