• All Will Die

    all will die,
    in a way,
    that is deadly,
    we can be raped,... more »

  • Alone

    am i alone....
    in my room....
    the walls getting smaller and smaller....
    crushing me inside........ more »

  • Alone....2

    i'm alone....
    here with death....
    fighting and losing....... more »

  • Alone....3

    where am i....
    i'm all alone....
    i'm in a hole bleeding....
    dieing by kirilee's request....... more »

  • Alone...4

    i'm alone....
    in the park....
    watching the wind in the trees....
    watching my life tick away....... more »

  • Am I Alone....

    am i alone....
    when the devil....
    is yelling at my mistakes....
    when death himself....... more »

  • Back

    I am back, I have finally reached the point of what i needed, i will remove all my patetic ones to get me views and start daily poems, thank you to all who liked my old poems and thank you to all who will continue to read... more »

  • Blood

    The blood of my body
    drips out of my
    hanging body
    with a bullet through it... more »

  • Blood Falling

    blood falling

    loading bullets
    party of beer... more »

  • Crawling

    My skin
    its Crawling
    no more
    the blood drips... more »

  • Death

    i've looked death in face,
    i killed the reaper,
    took his scyth,
    sliced his head off,... more »

  • Dragon Blood Part 1

    the egg of life,
    the egg of death,
    which is it,... more »

  • Dragon Blood Part 2

    the land,
    the earth,
    the heavens,... more »

  • Fall

    fall now
    and fall far
    trip over
    or trip into the pit... more »

  • Fear

    What do people fear?
    We fear things we don't understand,
    We fear things that can hurt us,
    We fear things that put shivers up our spines,... more »

  • Frozen

    Stuck in ice
    Unable to move
    Frozen in hell
    My solitary prison... more »

  • Have You Ever

    have you ever felt alive
    thumping with the vive
    till she rips out your heart
    and tears it apart... more »

  • Heart Break Part 1

    It is the end
    Romeo and juillet... more »

  • Heart Break Part 2

    He cries and screams
    “I love you juillet”
    “Where are you? ”
    His Yells... more »

  • Heart Break Part 3

    With the warriors
    He marched
    On search... more »

  • Heart Break Part 4

    Running through
    The woods
    Guns on shoulders
    Bombs on sides... more »

  • Heart Break Part 5

    He gets to the end
    Of all roads
    Of all paths
    They see nothing... more »

  • Heart Break Part 6

    He runs back
    Just to find
    Her body
    He puts arms... more »

  • Hell

    in this world
    full of bright lights
    I find... more »

  • I Am Bitter (Song)

    Don't know whats going on
    don't know what went wrong
    Can't believe how much i miss
    someone i never knew... more »