• Alone

    am i alone....
    in my room....
    the walls getting smaller and smaller....
    crushing me inside........ more »

  • Alone 2

    am I alone....
    when the devil....
    Is yelling at my mistakes....
    when death himself....... more »

  • Blood

    The blood of my body
    drips out of my
    hanging body
    with a bullet through it... more »

  • Can'T Be

    I’m dead and cold
    I can’t get a hold
    On this fucked up reality
    Yet all I see around is fatality... more »

  • Crawling

    My skin
    its Crawling
    no more
    the blood drips... more »

  • Darkness

    I'm all alone in my room....
    no lights on....
    the moon my only light....
    making the blood shine....... more »

  • Fear

    What do people fear?
    We fear things we don't understand,
    We fear things that can hurt us,
    We fear things that put shivers up our spines,... more »

  • Forced Suicide

    i felt like killing myself,
    had the devil himself screaming in my ear,
    telling me to do it,
    telling me to grab the knife,... more »

  • Frozen

    Stuck in ice
    Unable to move
    Frozen in hell
    My solitary prison... more »

  • Give The World A Gift

    Give the world a gift
    something everyone will love
    something they will all respect
    something they look up to you for... more »

  • Givin Up

    why do i cry every day
    and wake every night
    why do the nightmares become worse
    why does my life become more pointless every day... more »

  • God's Game

    On The Field Of Forgotten dead
    Corpses lying full of lead
    Living rushing to there decease
    Their love and lives soon cease... more »

  • Heart Broken

    The insanity that I gain when you leave my side
    The child in side has fallen to his knees and cried
    Everything I see reminds me of the life I once had
    As the blood runs a sigh with glade... more »

  • Hell Is Here

    in this world
    full of bright lights
    I find... more »

  • Lost

    lost in your eyes
    eye's like water
    in which I'm flowing down to my death... more »

  • Milking (Not Mine)

    i saw this poem and found it funny so i will share it

    its not mine... more »

  • Mon Amuor

    mon amuor,
    mon amour est comme une rose rouge,
    je rous offre mon cœur,
    que contient mon vrai amour,... more »

  • Nostro's Message

    My Armour,
    my Helmet,
    my sword,
    and,... more »

  • Red Blood & Black Tears

    her blood spilling to her left,
    her tears dripping to her right,
    the knife in her draw,
    and,... more »

  • Red Blood & Black Tears Part 2

    in hospital,
    and waiting,
    beside her rescuer,... more »

  • Red Blood & Black Tears Part 3

    a wedding,
    a honeymoon,
    and a divorce,
    have all come and gone,... more »

  • Red Blood & Black Tears Part 4

    in the darkness of her room,
    calming her self,
    she has been raped,
    bashed,... more »

  • Red Blood & Black Tears Part 5

    the knifes stayed,
    she would risk her life,
    but it was the only way,
    to remember her lover,... more »

  • Running Away

    somedays i think of running from it all
    droppin to my knee and take the fall
    or take a gun and put my brains on the wall
    somedays i break down and almost cry... more »

  • Spikes

    Spikes taking all hope
    Leaving corpses nothing but a rope
    All they have is suicide
    And friend they turned to with every cry... more »