• A Serial Killer Vs. Me

    A serial killer vs. me
    We are very similar
    what causes a killer to kill?
    Can you blame them... more »

  • Does Not

    Does not a man
    Become caged towards the shadows of his past
    As with a bird, it's ironic to be caged,
    With... more »

  • Every Blindfold

    Every blindfold is the birth. Some Canaan's conversation:
    captivity who awards no flame. The indirect delay breaks
    into you. If we definitely bent throughout a backward chest,
    no degree was the earthquake-pitched sign whose fate competed.... more »

  • Finale

    Originally enforced under every light boom boom chaka boom
    who looks for a string, their original widow - the blossom -
    is the cash-guessed cut whose bleach has entered. Where
    is no one slipping? Why may astronomy go? A problem as fat... more »

  • Haplogroup R1b

    A large group
    Naive in tongue
    Nature... more »

  • I Love Poetry

    I love poetry because
    I don't need rules
    I just need my mind... more »

  • In An Attempt To Stay Everywhere

    In an attempt to stay everywhere,
    I travel around
    Europe, Africa, Asia
    I stay on one planet but on that planet... more »

  • Nature

    Remember the day the world rose up
    The day we asked each other what we longed for
    Men fought and shed blood
    For something not worth fighting for... more »

  • Peace(Ieces)

    You've worked for a while
    And now you rest
    I'll hold the weight
    In hopes of happier times... more »

  • Regrettable-I Figured Out How To Live Too Late

    I sit here alone
    I must breathe carefully
    My breaths slow down
    And my pain increases... more »

  • Send Me On A Bus

    Bus me do wn to
    Send me to the grass fed
    Ass... more »

  • Unforgivable

    Unified army of blue
    New world of dichotomous hate
    False lies fed to broken youth
    Organized via class and race... more »

  • Waves

    ... more »