• A Departing Dirge

    Girls in town and boys out back,
    I've rolled up my little pack,
    And on june's chill wintry gales
    Sail from pleasant New South Wales... more »

  • A Song

    The sun may shine, the rain may fall,
    And the world roll round about, -
    The king's men and king's horses all
    Can never rub one thing out.... more »

  • An Enthusiastic Sportsman Enthuses

    So now the Brands
    Seek other lands;
    Alack! long ere they reach 'em
    A fickle crowd... more »

  • A-Shelling Peas

    Now, all the world is green and bright
    Outside the latticed pane;
    The fields are decked with gold and white,
    And Spring has come again.... more »

  • At Last

    When I am tired, and old and worn,
    And harass'd by regret;
    When blame, reproach, and worldlings' scorn
    On every side are met... more »

  • At The River-Crossing

    Oh! the quiet river-crossing
    Where we twain were wont to ride,
    Where the wanton winds were to sing
    Willow branches o'er the tide.... more »

  • Behind The Bar - A Desecration Of Tennyson

    Gray eyes and gamboge hair!
    One barmaid of 'The Crown'!
    Ah, will that beaming siren still be there
    When I go next to town?... more »

  • Brigalow Mick

    A dandy old horsernan is Brigalow Mick-
    Which his name, sir, is Michael O'Dowd -
    Whatever he's riding, when timber is thick,
    He is always in front of the crowd.... more »

  • Butchered To Make A Dutchman's Holiday

    In prison cell I sadly sit,
    A d__d crest-fallen chappie!
    And own to you I feel a bit-
    A little bit - unhappy!... more »

  • Corn Medicine

    'A well-bred horse! but he won't get fat,
    Though I've done the best 1 can;
    He keeps as poor as a blessed rat!'
    Said the sorrowful stable-man.... more »

  • Envoi

    When the last rousing gallop is ended,
    And the last post-and-rall has been jumped,
    And a cracked neck that cannot be mended
    Shall have under the yew-tree been 'dumped'... more »

  • His Masterpiece

    Never before was daughter of Eve endow'd with a face so fair,
    There be none of God's holy angels with a beauty half so rare
    As thine, nor dreamer has ever dreamed the loveliness you wear.
    There's a gleam in your golden tress, Lieb! a light in your melting eye!... more »

  • Love Outlasteth All

    Could I borrow the laverock's lifting note,
    Or the silvery song from the blackbird's throat,
    Then would I warble the whole day long,
    Telling, in floods of passionate song,... more »

  • Much A Little While

    'Love me little, love me long' -
    Laggard lover penn'd such song.
    Rather, Neil! - In other style -
    Love me much, a little while.... more »

  • Night Thought

    The world around is sleeping,
    The stars are bright o'erhead,
    The shades of myalls weeping
    Upon the sward are spread;... more »

  • Paddy Magee

    What are you doing now, Paddy Magee?
    Grafting, or spelling now, Paddy Magee?
    Breaking, or branding?
    Or overlanding,... more »

  • Short Shrift

    I can mind him at the start -
    Easy seat and merry heart!
    Said he, as he threw a glance
    At the crawling ambulance:... more »

  • Since The Country Carried Sheep

    We trucked the cows to Homebush, saw the girls, and started back,
    Went West through Cunnamulla, and got to the Eulo track.
    Camped a while at Gonybibil - but, Lord! you wouldn't know
    It for the place where you and Mick were stockmen long ago.... more »

  • Sir Walter (Revised)

    0 woman, in man's hour of ease
    And plenty, how you strive to please!
    To win his heart - and purse - you try
    With ogle, whisper, smile, and sigh.... more »

  • Some Other Somebody

    Somebody's horse has finished his feed,
    Somebody's saddle is on;
    But never a nigger the tracks can read,
    Or know where Somebody's gone... more »

  • Summer Midnight

    Athwart the star-lit midnight sky
    Luminous fleecy clouds drift by,
    As the mysterious, pallid moon
    Sinks in the waveless still lagoon.... more »

  • The Day That Is Dead

    Ah, Jack! Time finds us feeble men,
    And all too swift our years have flown.
    The days are different now to then -
    In that time when we rode ten stone.... more »

  • The Devoutly Thankful Lover

    So Nell was married yesterday! -
    Let's fill a bumper mellow,
    And drain it to old Hymen's sway -
    And to the lucky fellow.... more »

  • The Nights At Rocky Bar

    Trapping brumbies in the moonlight! those were nights of reckless fun,
    'Way back on Campbell's country - on the Goory-bibil run,
    When saddled up and ready qur impatient nags would stand
    While we squatted in the gunyah with their bridle-reins in hand.... more »

  • The Reprobate's Reply

    Three droving men, some three weeks sync,
    Sat drinking the Queensland rum;
    'Twas four a.m. when twa o' them
    Saw jock M'Phee succumb.... more »