• A Country Girl

    She was a country girl, in her faded old blue jeans,
    she was so full of life, and she was full of dreams,
    she would dream about the future, and how her life would be,
    yes she wanted children maybe two or three,... more »

  • A Dead Man's Hand

    James Butler Hickok is a very talented man,
    and he makes his living anyway he can,
    born in Illinois, in eighteen thirty one,
    he had many titles, most earned with a gun,... more »

  • A Love Song

    I've written her lots of little love poems,
    the things that I've wanted to say,
    but this will be the granddaddy of all,
    hope it ends up going my way,... more »

  • A Nice Old Man

    A nice old man once asked me,
    what I was going to do,
    was I going thru life alone,
    or find a love so true? ,... more »

  • A Year Ago Today

    Once I had a sweetheart,
    that I loved so much
    I was thrilled to be with her
    now I hunger for her touch,... more »

  • Alcoholic

    I wonder where you are today,
    and just when you'll be home
    in my mind the thoughts do play,
    when I am left here all alone,... more »

  • Answer To A Lonely Cowboy


    Since I met You,
    my lovely Betsy Lou... more »

  • Bad Times, Then Good Times


    She lies in her bed, at night all alone,
    wondering just when her man will be home,... more »

  • Belle Starr

    It was from Carthage, Missouri, Belle originally came,
    Myra Belle Shirley, was her real name,
    she was a decendant, of the Hatfields, the ones in the feud,
    and a friend of Cole Younger, of the Younger brood,... more »

  • Billy The Kid

    There once was a gun fighter, named Billy the kid,
    he went down in history, for the bad things he did,
    He killed in anger, he killed for fun,
    he killed for nothing, he killed with his gun,... more »

  • Bonnie And Clyde

    This is a poem about Bonnie and Clyde,
    they had places to run too, but nowhere too hide,
    both came from a poor and needy past,
    the life that they chose, just couldn't last,... more »

  • Corner Of Love And Heartache

    Here I am on the corner of love,
    the corner of love and heartache,
    which way will I turn, let's go see where love takes,
    will love be a smooth, level road,... more »

  • Country Kids


    COUNTRY KIDS... more »

  • Curly Bill Brocius

    There was an outlaw from Texas, called Curly Bill,
    he robbed and murdered, just for the thrill,
    fast with a gun, fast on the draw,
    was Curly Bill Brocius, a famous outlaw,... more »

  • Devastation And Recuperation



  • Did You Ever

    Did you ever see a teardrop, rolling down a childs face,
    did you ever see a fallen man, bow his head in disgrace,
    did you ever see the sorrow, in a grieving mothers eyes
    did you ever see the sadness there, a look she can't disquise,... more »

  • Doc Holliday

    John Henry Holliday was born in Georgia, in eighteen fifty one,
    when he was nineteen he enrolled in dental school, it wasn't any fun,
    he got his degree, and a practice he did start,
    then he got tubercolsis and his practice fell apart,... more »

  • Everytime


    EVERYTIME... more »

  • Feeling Special

    After our dinner, one bright summer night,
    we went riding, out in the moonlight,
    down through the canyon to, the valley below,
    the stars were twinkling, I want you to know... more »

  • For You Mother


    Here is a little poem,
    to a mother sweet and mine,... more »

  • God Made You For Me

    God made the moon, then he made the sun,
    he made the heavens and earth, then thought he was done,
    but he got lonesome, so he made a new plan,
    he drew out an image, then created man,... more »

  • Haying Time


    She works in the hayfield all the day long,
    raking and baling and singing her song,... more »

  • He Walked Into Tomorrow


    He walked into tomorrow, and he went alone,
    he walked into tomorrow, the place of the great unknown,... more »

  • Hills And Dales Hospital Staff

    Hills and Dales Hospital Staff

    I went to the hospital, all sick and hurting,... more »

  • I Looked Everywhere

    I looked up in heaven, I looked down below, yes I looked everywhere,
    I looked up at the moon, I looked at the stars, but I couldn't see you nowhere,
    I looked in the east, I looked in the west, I looked in the north and the south,
    I looked in the oceans, I looked o'er the plains, then I looked in the river mouth,... more »