• Evolution

    People smell like a horse,
    But a horse does not smell like them.

    People smell like a dog,... more »

  • God's Home

    In my childhood I saw many gods
    With their red wide eyes
    Full of threats.
    My days passed by... more »

  • Intervening Outcry

    Screams echoed in the palm of my right hand
    as if a bullet hit the plaster on a wall—

    Then, it was deep at night... more »

  • Swatantra Sonnet 77

    I've heard the noble sound of your footsteps, my love.
    Come, come closer, and slowly open your heart. Spread
    the fragrance of your beautiful breasts. Let the door
    be closed. Embrace me with your gentle hand... more »

  • Swatantra Sonnet 196

    Spreading the gaps, stars spin away from each other.
    Repulsion, thus, the virtue of the universe.
    Starting with Big Bang, it goes for eternity.
    Truth that's enchanted at the vast sky overhead... more »

  • Swatantra Sonnet 21

    Enter with a bare chest. Dear lady, the complex
    cage of dress fails to give me the deepest pleasure.
    I want naked beauty, like the snake and the tree.
    My restless flowering youth thus longs for the taste... more »

  • Swatantra Sonnet 64

    You start walking towards me from that side, I start
    walking towards you from this side. I start singing
    a melody, you start reciting some sweet lines
    of your favorite poems. I walk, you walk. I... more »

  • The Cacophony Of The Gunfire

    Suddenly, he jumped into the river
    Suddenly, he managed to jump into the river
    Suddenly, at that devastating moment,
    he jumped into the river... more »

  • The Light Of The Earth

    At last, I've captured the light of the earth in my courtyard.
    That's a new story, a new jubilation of the sea;
    The wave goes away; soon it comes back to me
    And the century's hungry compass rotates on its own orbit.... more »

  • The Story Of Ants

    The ants got scared
    They do not go home
    They do not eat daal, nor dried rice
    Are not moved by ticklings of the wind... more »

  • When God Is Dead

    When God is dead
    I will swim in the river.
    I will play football
    And get a lot of fans... more »

  • With A Little Cash

    If I have a little cash, I will open an art shop
    My modernist call
    Will raise echo and journey to
    Corners of places not reached before.... more »