I have been writting since before I can remember. It is one of my true passions in life. Every emotion ever felt can be turned into verse and that is what I try to do with all of mine.
I have been inspired by all different kinds of writters, from the greats of poetry such as Shelley and Byron to the minds of classic literature such as George Eliot and Oscar Wilde.

Thank you for reading my work, the poet is mearly an unheard voice without it's audience. x


Hayley Lewis Poems

To Winter

Summer come, and summer go,
Winter breath your frosty ire.
Whisper leafy melodies
Across the old log fire.... more »


My soul crushed,
Above and below irreputable dementure.
Solicited lies hounding at the door,
Tearing down the scafolding,... more »


Rigid denials carved reflections in the floor
In beer drenched coats and thrown away inhabitations
Tussled hair and sweat soaked shirts
Throwing caution to the wind... more »

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Sue Ann Simar 17 Jun 2007 12:19
Hayley, You hear yourself well.