• Adrenaline Is My Mistress

    It hits my chest and my stomach first,
    The rush jumps through my body in one quick burst
    My fear is my life line
    I clutch to my heart the imminent threat... more »

  • Blood Red

    Blood red
    Twirling vengence
    Imposing desire... more »

  • Creator Of Destruction

    Lets fast track my emotions
    From searing pain to bitter hatred
    I will turn your eyes from beacons of love and trust
    To the fiery eyes of Satan himself... more »

  • Dancing

    Rigid denials carved reflections in the floor
    In beer drenched coats and thrown away inhabitations
    Tussled hair and sweat soaked shirts
    Throwing caution to the wind... more »

  • Dementia

    My soul crushed,
    Above and below irreputable dementure.
    Solicited lies hounding at the door,
    Tearing down the scafolding,... more »

  • Doves

    Whenever doves come to me
    Fallen and broken
    In the breeze,
    I take them to my love,... more »

  • False Deity

    I forgot, these promises I made
    To my false deity
    The God of all things saved
    I prayed, to the empty space... more »

  • Forever Said

    Sitting in the village, in the center of the square,
    With a basket by her ankles and braids in her hair,
    Her eyes though soft and patient,
    Scan all around the streets,... more »

  • Games

    I played a game with myself and I'm tangled,
    I'm twisted and hanging in threads
    I'm afraid and cant move, and I'm helpless
    Dangling awefully close to the edge.... more »

  • High School

    High school was the worst years of my life
    Spent afraid, inadequate and out of sight
    Bullied for being too fat
    I was called an oompa loompa... more »

  • Hush Little Bells

    Hush little bells; your euphoria is my insanity
    Constant and deafening; you bleed me of thought
    Shall I pluck the rose from my garden, and flatten it for my collection?
    Answer me now!... more »

  • If

    ...If the sky were a deep dark purple,
    And lakes were fussia pink,
    The daffodils a seedy red
    And the grass in rainbow ink...... more »

  • Love

    An indiscernible power turns and rallies us towards our lifes end
    Be it strength, courage, weakness,
    The driving force of every action,
    A depth behind the shadows,... more »

  • My Morn

    Till the morn my dear, I fear.
    Your paddles laid and your boat is here.
    The wind is rife, and the sail is white,
    To journey yonder and out my life.... more »

  • Reminiscence

    Sometimes I find myself to sympathize
    With the black cold winter night,
    And I, of chilly disposition find
    Unlikely comfort in it's plight... more »

  • Sublimate

    I do not care for your opinion
    Your crude delude
    Denial hence
    Withering martyr... more »

  • The Un-Named

    Wherever tears have fallen,
    Broken flowers bloom.
    To salute whatever sun
    Has the patience to resume.... more »

  • To The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived

    I wanted to write some poetry
    An appraisal if you like
    A flow of words and sentiment
    That appear faster than I type... more »

  • To Winter

    Summer come, and summer go,
    Winter breath your frosty ire.
    Whisper leafy melodies
    Across the old log fire.... more »

  • Virtual World

    Hello virtual world.
    I take it you saw me falling off my chair last night
    Wine in one hand
    Mouse in the other... more »

  • Woman

    My dear, sweet, vulgar one
    You are as rank as Thames water
    On a summers day
    Your face enough... more »

  • You Are My Addiction

    For many years a smoker
    Many more quite fond of booze,
    I've dabbled in the small pills,
    And I fell in love with food.... more »