• American Revolution

    We are fighting for a purpose,
    Fighting for what we believe.
    Establishing a country,
    As the sun sets every eve.... more »

  • Compliments

    Compliments are fake
    When said from you to me
    One day you’ll say, “I love your shirt”
    But it won’t matter... more »

  • Seven Months And Drowning

    I died when you died
    Seven months to this day
    Suffocated, breathless
    As I watched my life slip painfully away.... more »

  • Ten Years Later

    It really is an ugly thing
    Quite unbecoming, one should say
    It harms you more than you could know
    And gives your body a dreadful blow... more »

  • The Serpent Within

    Watch the serpent rise within
    You must pay close attention
    Or you’ll miss the measured change
    Pure good, pure evil... more »

  • Utopia, Mom

    I'm so satisfied here, Mom
    Don't worry over me
    It's a utopian world
    And my soul has been set free... more »