• Ask A Silly Question

    I asked him how I lost his love.

    'I couldn't really say, ' he said.... more »

  • Censorship

    Someone took my hate away.
    My words of anger, published here
    in pain and bitterness and fear.... more »

  • Mistakes Were Made

    'John, ' I said, 'John...'
    Everything that you want,
    can be yours
    if you only trust this moment.... more »

  • There Is No Word For Engaged To Be Divorced

    No phrase that can explain the way it felt when
    I woke from my bed in the middle of the night,
    and slipped out quietly into the living room, so that
    you would not hear my sobbing.... more »

  • What Must Come First

    Before the hussle bussle of the day
    before a million buzzings in my ear
    before the things I do not want to do
    and all the things I do not want to hear.... more »