i started writing at a rather young age. my first memory of writing for recreation was when i was 9 years old. i sat down with a pencil and paper, and wrote three pages front and back. since then it has always been a part of my life. i started in with poetry in perticular when i was 11, and it worked out best for me. i've gone thru my share of notebooks, and have a dream of someday publishing my work.


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it hurts to see the truth inside,
i saw my life
and then i cried
i want you here,... more »

Not Mine

alone i am left,
without you,
you are not mine,
not a thing to do,... more »


A spell was cast upon my heart,
And now im being torn apart,
So now for you i always fight,
Untill the never-ending night,... more »

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