• A Mothers Love

    love my children dearly
    as every mother does.
    I try each day my hardest
    not because I have to... more »

  • A Truth To Me

    It's what I do
    when all alone.... more »

  • A Voice Trapped

    What's happened to the words I had?
    To the voice that flowed through ink.
    What's happened to the words I wrote?
    The ones from my heart and what I think.... more »

  • Addict

    I am an addict
    if only an addict to myself.
    I am insecure afraid
    of never being loved by anyone else.... more »

  • Back Into The Blackness

    Back Into The Blackness
    How do I go on
    living my life?
    When the light is extinguished... more »

  • Because It Came From You

    I wish I had the words to tell you
    what was in my heart and head.
    The depth of what I'm feeling
    the future that I dread.... more »

  • Blessed

    With tiny hands
    and tiny feet.
    They are small and full of life.
    As they learn to talk... more »

  • By Your Side

    My friend I love you
    more than ever I could say.
    You've brought me so much
    something new everyday.... more »

  • Can I Say Thank You

    Can I Say Thank You
    Thank you for your patience
    for your understanding way.
    Thank you for your forgiveness... more »

  • Dear Friend

    Dear friend I know I'll miss you
    more than words can say.
    Dear friend my door is open,
    will forever be that way.... more »

  • Didn'T I Tell You I Would

    I miss you
    more than I ever thought I could.
    You underdstood me
    the way only you could.... more »

  • Eternity Found

    I've found eternity
    in such a simple place.
    It's love and completeness,
    dreams and faith.... more »

  • Everyday I'M Thankful

    Everyday I'm thankful
    you came into my life.
    The good days and the bad
    the darkest and the bright.... more »

  • Eyes Of Shadowed Sleep

    shades of trees.
    anger, deciet.... more »

  • For All That You Are

    I'm lonely without you
    full of missing and want.
    Wishing you were here
    hurting because you're not.... more »

  • From A Child Unworthy

    Sitting here alone I wonder
    why I never feel your love.
    Why I never had a daddy,
    like the one all girls dream of.... more »

  • Gone


    I'm lost these days without you... more »

  • Good-Bye My Love

    Good-bye my love forever
    good-bye to your touch.
    Good-bye to all you gave me
    you'll never know how much.... more »

  • He Cried

    There were three thousand plus,
    who entered the gates in heaven.
    Unsure how or why,
    their lives on earth had ended.... more »

  • Hollow And Free

    I cannot believe we've ended here
    our path will now part ways.
    You've been so much
    a part of my soul and my life... more »

  • How Many

    What have we done
    to each other out there today
    I sit here and wonder
    as I listen to the rain.... more »

  • How Many Times Have We

    How many times
    have we looked the other way?
    Let ourselves be blinded
    never had anything to say?... more »

  • I Am Stronger Now

    You've been my husband and my friend
    the best part of my life.
    I have always been so grateful
    for the day I became your wife.... more »

  • I Cry Because

    I Cry Because
    I'm drowning in this darkness
    it's consuming me I know.
    I am scared to again be nothing... more »

  • I Know I Promised You

    I Know I Promised You
    I know I promised you
    If the day came I'd let you go.
    You asked me and I promised... more »