• Promise Me Again

    Promise Me Again

    If you say the words,... more »

  • Quick

    In the blink of an eye
    he took them home.
    One hundred sixty thousand a few and some.
    All at once not alone... more »

  • Reality

    You are not a lost soul
    forgotten by the world.
    You are not abandonded
    or left like milk to sour and curl... more »

  • Rescued

    Hush sweet child
    dry your eyes.
    You're safe now forever
    it's all right.... more »

  • Self Betrayal

    For every shadow seen and heard
    the winds change the day.... more »

  • Spread Your Wings

    I looked out of the window
    as the doctor pulled the plugs.
    Waiting for them to tell me
    a few minutes was all there was... more »

  • Straight From The Heart

    Once a child snall and full of light,
    you guided me and held me,
    when I was frightend in the night.
    you rocked me when I cried... more »

  • The Mother I Know Is Dying

    The mother I knoe is dying,
    her soul is going to heaven above.
    I look at her crying,
    I don't understand... more »

  • The Disease

    I have a disease I admit it
    don't know if it has a name.
    Somedays it's here thn it's gone
    as quickly as it came.... more »

  • The End

    I love you now and forever
    no matter what everyday.
    If we stayed together forever
    or go now our seperate ways.... more »

  • The Invisable Heart

    I used to write my feelings
    so that others may understand.
    Just what I was thinking
    inside my heart and in my head.... more »

  • The Little Things

    The little things in life
    we forget from day to day.
    Their importance
    their special meaning... more »

  • The Little Things We Share

    I know I shouldn't wonder
    but at times I often do.
    Do you share with her the little things
    that we share between us two.... more »

  • The Monster And The Failure

    The Monster and the Failure... more »

  • The Pain Of Ink

    I never meant to hurt you
    when the ink flowed from my pen.
    Never meant to scar your heart
    with the thoughts trapped inside my head.... more »

  • The Price Of Failure

    I can't believe you're leaving
    you decided you can't stay.
    I can't believe the pain inside
    will it ever go away?... more »

  • The Symbol

    It's just a simple ring
    to wear upon the hand.
    Some have gold and diamonds
    some a plain gold band.... more »

  • The Truth Of You

    Hello my love I miss you
    I miss your voice I miss your smile.
    It's been so long since I heard you
    it may still be a little while.... more »

  • The Wall

    The Wall

    I sit here and I miss you... more »

  • This Friend

    Have I ever told you about this friend I have
    she keeps us guessing and on our toes.
    She's not the best for showing up on time
    but she's got the biggest heart I know.... more »

  • Today I Am Alive

    Today I am alive
    because of that love that you gave.
    You fought to keep me here
    to show me I had a place.... more »

  • Touched By An Angel

    Did you know that you glow
    when you smile big and bright?
    You capture everyone you know
    anyone in sight.... more »

  • Uncertian

    Each time you say I love you
    my heart cries out believe!
    He means it, he's not lying!
    It's really meant for me.... more »

  • Under The Mask

    The mask that I wear
    is cracked and slightly worn.
    The truth is leaking out
    but no one cares to look anymore.... more »

  • Visions Of Heather

    There she was
    standing off in the rain.
    she took my breath away.... more »