• (smile)

    Today I saw you and you were so cute.
    I couldn't breath, i couldn't speak.
    But when you past me i looked back for one more peak.
    I had a smile all day cause of that perfect moment when i saw you too.... more »

  • Almost Figured Out

    I'm slowly getting it now on what I should do.
    I'm slowly getting happier, and I know it's true.

    I now know what to do. About my school, my life, and home.... more »

  • Am I In Love Or Just Insain

    When i see you i feel so good inside,
    When i hear your voice it sounds so fine,
    When i fell you up aginst me i want to cry.
    I dont know why you make me fell this way.... more »

  • Anxiety

    It starts in your chest like it's going to burst.
    You hate being in public.That's when it's worse.

    You begin to sweat like you've just worked out,... more »

  • Away

    There is just one saying,
    That could discribe what happened.
    When the cats away,
    The mice will play.......... more »

  • Ever Since We Met

    I do not want this poem to go to deep.
    It's premature, and love's too far away,
    But there are things i feel that i need to say,
    Rather than more days of silence kept.... more »

  • Every Where You Look

    That nothing or no one else matters to ypu.
    And the only one that you're ever wanted is now gone.
    And you will do anything to get him back,
    Because he's worth it.... more »

  • Heartbreakingly

    I have fallen,
    In love with someone,
    Who does not love me.... more »

  • Him

    I pushed back my hair
    Walked through the door... more »

  • I Dont Understand

    I dont understand your hurt,
    and i wish you knew mine,
    because I'd sooner shed tears of blood,
    then leave you behind.... more »

  • I Look

    I look at the sky and pray for God to take me home,
    because I'm more than tired of being alone.
    It hurts so much to live most days.
    Even though I know It'll be okay.... more »

  • I Lost Everything

    I lost everything all at once.
    My world stopped just like that.
    My friend ditched me. I'm out of school.
    I even lost Monica.... more »

  • I Started To Wonder

    I thought you were my angel,
    Sent from heaven's sky,
    I thanked God for you presence,
    But now I wonder why.... more »

  • I Thought You Were The One

    I thought you were the one,
    I thought you were for me,
    I thought you were the person
    an the guy of my dreams... more »

  • If You Luv Me

    If you love me...
    you will never make me cry
    If you love me...
    you will look into my eyes... more »

  • Im Not Sorry

    I'm not sorry for the things I said
    when I was hurting deep inside.
    They were things I had to say, and
    things I could no longer hide.... more »

  • Its Funny How

    Its funny how hello is always accompanied with good-bye
    Its funny how remembering good memories can make you cry
    Its funny how forever never seems to really last
    Its funny how much you'd lose if you forgot your past... more »

  • Let Go Of Him Already

    Its been a while,
    since i last saw your face,
    and to tell you the truth,
    I'm starting to miss your sweet grace!... more »

  • Life Is Like A Prison

    Life is like a prison,
    Oh God let me out.
    No one to listen,
    To hear when you shout,... more »

  • Love

    Is like the wind,
    It passes by,
    And leaves nothing,... more »

  • Love Is.......

    Love is something that I cannot explain.
    Like the look of a dream, or the smell of rain.
    Love is like a mountain, that is very hard to climb.
    Nothing can describe love, not a song, or a poem's rhyme.... more »

  • Mi Heart

    I give my heart
    to the one i love
    and hope I get
    one in return.... more »

  • My Body And Soul

    Love is the greatest feeling,
    Love is like a play,
    Love is what I feel for you,
    Each and every day,... more »

  • My Cousin Broke My Heart

    i thought i looked up 2 you
    i thought i called you my cuz
    that i'll never forget
    how wrong was i... more »

  • My Fault

    A scratch.
    A pinch.
    A scrape.
    A cut.... more »