• Darkness

    ... more »

  • Feelings

    as the mind comes comes to and fro
    i just want you to know
    that ilove you with all my heart
    and that it hits you like a dart... more »

  • Free

    running through an open firld
    wind at your heels
    being out in the open air
    oh the joy you feel... more »

  • Friends

    friends are special till the end
    somestimes though they just pretend
    some may stay by your side
    and they'll help you through the tide... more »

  • Happiness

    Stuff may happen that will get you down
    Don't worry about it happiness will come around
    Through the dark light will come
    Someones always waiting for your love... more »

  • Love Is What You Make It

    love is a feeling
    that most do not understand
    it can be a filling to a soul
    a ground upon which you stand... more »

  • Me

    i am what i am
    if you do not agree
    well to bad i can't change
    i have once i didn't do well... more »

  • Pain

    pain, sharp, cutting pain
    feeling unlike any others
    this pain comes with memories
    like daggers and knives and spears... more »

  • Together

    together through thick and thin
    together till the end
    nothing can come between
    im sure you know what i mean... more »

  • What Is Here

    as i sit here thinking
    about what happens next
    i see you next to me
    but i know you're not there... more »

  • You Are....

    you are my light when
    i can not see
    you are my protection
    when fear comes after me... more »