• A Better Day

    A better day, a better night.
    No tears or fears or even frights.... more »

  • A Bitter Taste

    Without word,
    Without sound.
    Stolen away,... more »

  • A Flower, A Friend

    A flower colors our garden
    With many rainbow hues,
    Expressing our feelings
    In Yellow, reds and blues.... more »

  • A Hole So Large

    I guess you can only give what you can give...
    And I am hollow with grief.
    A hole so large
    I bend,... more »

  • A Log

    A log,
    welcoming me,
    to sit.
    To watch the water... more »

  • A Memory

    A time to be, together.
    A time to connect.
    A moment to relax and share.... more »

  • A Million Tomorrows

    A million tomorrows,
    No matter for today.
    For today is just as it is
    And the way it will stay.... more »

  • A Moment To Write

    A moment to write
    Is a moment too short
    But not a moment
    To be wasted.... more »

  • A Promising Day

    The sun is quietly burning
    Through the the cool morning overcast
    Banishing remnants of fog
    From last evening's drizzle.... more »

  • A Voice

    A voice in the dark.
    A sound to be heard.
    A vibration of tone.
    A dark light of word.... more »

  • Aches

    I ache in my head.
    Aching in my mind.
    Wondering what to do,
    With my aches for you.... more »

  • Acknowledge Their Souls

    Instead of me
    I will look at them.
    Look in their eyes
    Acknowledge their souls.... more »

  • Afternoon

    Steady breeze blowing flags
    Receding brown of greening grass
    Single blackbird winging high
    A warming Spring gives gentle sigh... more »

  • Again I Wait

    Again I wait for you to talk.
    To tell me what I need to know.
    Where and why and when.
    Will it be coffee and tea and me?... more »

  • Aging Grace

    Nothing hides
    The damage of time
    To one's body
    Except,... more »

  • All Hail

    All hail, her Highness!
    High and mighty, Highness.
    Pious Highness,
    With nose in the air.... more »

  • All That I'Ve Said

    All that I've said is true.
    Each with stories of their own.
    And even stories within stories
    That each have a point,... more »

  • Always Free?

    Is it better to be Free?
    To know the rain is wet
    and the wind is strong?
    To feel the heat... more »

  • Am I Bothering You?

    Am I bothering you?
    Tell me true.
    I need to know,
    If I must go,... more »

  • An Ember Of Hope

    An ember of Hope
    Burneth low, giving little warmth,
    Readying itself to extinguish
    And grow cold... more »

  • And There You Were

    Long gone.
    How long?
    How was I to know?... more »

  • Anonymous Observer

    Watching the world
    Watching we
    Who are all around
    Gathering observations,... more »

  • Another Day

    Another day I'll wait.
    I'll think and hope.
    The day will pass
    With thoughts of you.... more »

  • Another Day Gone

    Another day gone
    And what have I to show?
    Did I stay awhile with a friend
    And share the things we know?... more »

  • Another Day, Going

    I see another day, going.
    The late shining sun
    Is strecthing it's shadow fingers
    Across my way.... more »