• Candlelight Glow

    Peacefulness in candlelight glow,
    Subtle surrender of troubled thoughts.
    Burning without drama,
    The moments of worry.... more »

  • Changes Are Coming*

    Changes are coming.
    No easy task ahead.
    Like the world doing a cartwheel
    and turning on it's head,... more »

  • Changes Come

    Changes come quickly.
    Too quickly for us to know
    That Life is swiftly moving
    Down the river will flow.... more »

  • Cherish Your Words

    I cherish you words and keep to them close
    To peek as I need and help me to go
    Through all of this time without your warm arms
    Holding me so close, keeping me at peace.... more »

  • Chooser Of My Path

    To keep my mind buzy,
    To challenge my brain,
    To stimulate creativity,
    To fight my longings for... more »

  • Content And Be Sure

    To bed with my smile
    Refrained on my lips
    A smile in my Heart
    and hands on my hips... more »

  • Crab Snacks

    Wading seagulls
    in shallow windblown pools,
    Searching for afternoon
    crab snacks.... more »

  • Crazy Heart

    If I had never fallen in love
    It would have been so much simpler.
    But No!
    Crazy Heart left me senseless!... more »

  • Crossing The River

    It was fun for a little while.
    Exciting at times,
    But not anymore.
    I'm crossing the river at the shallows... more »

  • Curious To Know

    Curious to know
    To know What it is
    And Why it is
    When and Where it is.... more »

  • Danaway

    Where are you now
    Fly away,
    Be gone!... more »

  • Dare I Hope?

    Dare I hope for a dream?
    A dream built on a hope?
    Where not only I am loving you
    But you are loving me, too?... more »

  • Darkness Falls*

    darkness falls
    on the spirit
    as the light of truth
    dawns on the wayward soul... more »

  • Dawn's The Light!

    Dawns the light!
    So very bright!
    Questions become answers!
    Why? Why not!... more »

  • Dear Lord, Hear My Prayer

    Dear Lord, hear my prayer.
    Help the soldier do what's right.
    Help the baby fighting for it's life.
    Help the lonely make it through the night.... more »

  • Deep Thoughts

    I said I would be able to.
    You have me at my words.
    And a part of me dies for him.
    And a part of me cries for him,... more »

  • Did You Judge Me?

    Did you judge me?
    You, who said,
    That you never judge anyone
    By the decisions that they make.... more »

  • Discovery

    LIke a shiny penny
    You caught my eye.
    I looked and moved on.
    But each time I passed... more »

  • Discovery Together

    Do you love me?
    I cannot understand this,
    This craziness that
    Welled within me.... more »

  • Distance Stretches Time

    The distance stretches time.
    Thoughts of you warps the veneer
    Of my present self,
    That exists in my... more »

  • Do I Keep You

    Do I keep you down to Earth
    Or let you fly?

    Fly away, hummingbird.... more »

  • Do You See

    Do you see what's not there?
    That which you gave me is not there anymore?
    Is there a reason more than neglect... more »

  • Elusive

    Slipping beneath fallen leaves,
    Under brushes
    Through scattered broken branches
    The Snake hunts.... more »

  • Enough!

    Enough of this drivel!
    Let's talk shop or politics.
    Hate politics!
    End of subject.... more »

  • Escape

    Out in the garden
    As I dig in the dirt.
    My mind thinks on you.
    As my eyes watch the worms slipping away.... more »