• Escapism

    Floating freely in a Fantasizing Fling
    Enjoying the ever changing scenes.
    Scenes which alter with my whims
    Playing it over and over again.... more »

  • Evening

    Fireflies float
    Above the grass
    On an invisible sea.
    Bobbing on waves... more »

  • Evening Colors

    Yellow wormwood flowerheads
    Push up between green leaves
    And violet red stems
    Of Poke Sally.... more »

  • Evening's Approach

    Soft cricket song rises
    and falls.
    First here, then here,
    Then there.... more »

  • Fair Memory

    Candle vapor
    scents the air.
    Clock ticking
    quietly there.... more »

  • Falls Again

    My tears fall again.
    mouth corners down,
    dissapointment again,
    furrowed frown.... more »

  • Feeling Zephyr

    Like a warm and steady breeze,
    Light and soft,
    Flowing through and around,
    Rustling of leaves and hair... more »

  • Feelings Of Helplessness

    Gathering on my shoulders,
    Weighing down my soul.
    Passing over my limbs... more »

  • Finger Touch

    Finger touch upon the window
    Touching a mirrored finger.
    That's as close as I can get.
    It's the only way... more »

  • Fog Bank

    Fog bank greys the oceanside's day
    While sun shines bayside bright
    Upon the waters.... more »

  • Free Flowing Words

    Free flowing as the river,
    Swiftly runs the mind,
    Spelling cherished words,
    To waiting papered lines.... more »

  • From Where?

    It came from where?
    I do not know.
    I saw it but recognized it not, until,
    Too late.... more »

  • Gentle Peace

    If I could give you a gift
    It would be peace.
    Peace of mind
    Peace of Heart... more »

  • Gentle Soul

    Gentle soul,
    Resting within
    A tumbled Heart.
    The quiet man,... more »

  • Glittering Glass Beads

    Glittering glass beads floating on a river of darkness
    Wide as an ocean passing slowly by
    Blue and orange and green
    Undulating gently... more »

  • Glowing Cresent Moon

    Glowing cresent moon
    in the misty night
    with matching star
    Impresses beauty... more »

  • Golden Is Silence

    My timing is terrible.
    My words are too much.
    This craziness inside
    Is tearing me up.... more »

  • Gone

    I refuse to believe that I won't see you again.
    So, thank you for your picture.
    It may be all that I could ever have.
    Because there are my memories,... more »

  • Half Moon

    Glowing aura of white half moon
    Illuminating the night sky
    Settles into the cushion
    Of a large cloud like a... more »

  • He Is Not There

    He is not there.
    Look away and go on.
    Hesitate not
    To look again... more »

  • Heart Beats

    Heart beats.
    Soul leaps!
    Eyes keep,
    Look deep.... more »

  • Here To Hold Me

    Were you here to hold me and understand my grief.
    To let my tears wash us both as your tears would join mine,
    As we realize the depth of our joy and our pain.
    We are in love, yet cannot fulfill it's potential.... more »

  • Hidden Moon

    A glow of hidden moon behind the cloud patches
    That formed a striking focus
    In the early evening sky.
    A sight not likely to be seen again... more »

  • Honey

    Hope that you don't mind me calling you that.
    You are so sweet in my life.
    A lightness,... more »

  • How Can I Feel

    How is it that I can feel this Heart so strong,
    That tears will flow when thinking of you?
    Well, it's because I cannot express it to you.
    Your gone and you never asked for this Heart in the first place.... more »