• Into The Rose

    How did you get to me?
    I wasn't looking. There was no need.
    So what is happening inside of me?
    It's my fault I suppose.... more »

  • Into These Eyes

    Look past this body
    Into this Heart
    It's got more Life
    Than all of the parts.... more »

  • It Is Simply The Truth*

    The truth
    Is that I love.
    It is simply,
    Love.... more »

  • It Was Your Sadness

    What does your poem speak to you?
    Did it help you make the decision,
    To choose your life instead of it being chosen for you?... more »

  • Just A Touch

    To feel the wind,
    To see a flower,
    To hear the trees,
    To smell perfume... more »

  • Large Bees Hovering

    Large bees hovering,
    Suspended like ornaments,
    Below the weathered grey trellised wooden beams.
    Below the solid sunlit blue sky.... more »

  • Last Winter Day

    Softly raining,
    Chilling cold,
    Spring on hold.
    Tomorrow brings... more »

  • Lazy Sweet

    Letting my mind be free,
    Lazy sweet,
    Floating thoughts,
    Can it really be?... more »

  • Leaving

    Leaving will be hard. Maybe harder than anything else.
    Just thinking about it is tearing me apart.
    I'll climb up on my mountain
    And see the whole world before me... more »

  • Let Him Write

    Let him write.
    I will answer.
    Then I will write
    and he will answer.... more »

  • Life Is Incomplete

    Life is incomplete.
    Perhaps, that is what I seek.
    To find that moment,
    When my cup is full,... more »

  • Life Keeps Moving On

    Life keeps moving on.
    Rushing forward all day long.
    We haven't much time
    For what we do.... more »

  • Light Rising

    Light rising,
    Smoking air,
    Green leaf patterning,
    Ceiling like a puzzle.... more »

  • Like Cricket Song

    Where are you now?
    Do you speak of me to others?
    Or am I a quiet thought,
    Like cricket song,... more »

  • Limbo*

    If Limbo does not exist
    Then where am I without You?
    Where will I be
    If not with You?... more »

  • Little Bright Clover

    Little bright clover
    With bright yellow
    Eyes all over,
    Making stand... more »

  • Little Messages

    Little messages
    All about
    Telling me something
    Without a doubt.... more »

  • Little Messages On The Wall

    Little messages on the wall,
    Telling secrets to one and all,
    Of love and laughter in the hall,
    This place to come and have a ball.... more »

  • Little Wil Socks

    Little Wil socks
    Laying all about
    Not so little... more »

  • Living Free

    Money has not been good to you.
    It has not served you well.
    The problems that were created
    Were too painful, like hell.... more »

  • Lonely Love

    Lonely to bed,
    The increasing rain
    Mirrors my Heart... more »

  • Look Past

    Look past this body
    Into this Heart.
    It's got more life
    Than all of the parts.... more »

  • Lost Words*

    Waiting for the day
    To find the words
    That are put away.... more »

  • Loving A Free Living Man

    Loving a free living man,
    Loving only as I can,
    Loving only what I know.
    Knowing that it can't be so.... more »

  • Mine Is An Open Heart

    Mine is an open Heart.
    Layed open for you,
    There is no choice... more »