• Always

    In summertime, our smiles are innocent, like lilies floating in the breeze.
    In wintertime, our love is warm — it races from heart to soul.

    If skies are blue, our smile is playful — two people dancing across infinite galaxies.... more »

  • An Error Of Mine

    An error of mine here since dawn—

    Lost in an icy City... more »

  • Another

    ... more »

  • Calmly Like A Cold Breeze.

    Endure calmly like a cold breeze.
    Traveling soldier swiftly Never 3.
    In the stillness of Winter the dreamers sleep,
    In the streets of time the spirits seek,... more »

  • Dead Man's Switch

    Casting down holy spades.
    Dead Man's Switch left in vain-

    Sold my king for a queen-... more »

  • Donald Trump

    Attending transactions.

    Dogging Taxes.... more »

  • Dreaming Kids

    Little fairies building castles-
    Way up high- Up in the sky-
    Sitting on marshmallow clouds-
    Chewing cotton candy.... more »

  • For Ever I Am Left Alone

    West + East
    In which direction does this soul blow?... more »

  • Forgive Me

    Forgive me for Liking you too much,

    I will forgive you for not noticing it.... more »

  • Great Lily

    in a dream I shall feel that runs blue- with fair hair;
    between the oleander of mad seas;
    lies in wait! for more than a thousand years!... more »

  • 'Just A Kid'

    Just a kid here you see.
    Just a kid playing three-
    Just a kid out at sea...
    Just a kid in all honesty.... more »

  • Lost Dream

    Lost in this Dream-
    Dancing with frozen memories
    Stolen by Angel's Keys
    Latched on to Destiny... more »

  • May' Day, May' Day

    MayDay, MayDay
    Is anyone there! ?
    MayDay! MayDay!
    No one was there... more »

  • Murder At Two O'clock

    He who rides at midnight's Dawn,

    He who's time stopped at 'five'... more »

  • My Princess

    My Princes...

    look into my eyes... more »

  • P.R.I.D.E

    Civilization- Only nine meals away from anarchy.
    Blast from the past-
    Lines of Angel's amonst my Heaven.
    Woe Scarlet Red Eyes.... more »

  • Paladin's Gallows

    The snow places a white hat and snowy belly pierced with light;
    your taste of the devil's paladins;
    that by starlight! framed by a small branch!... more »

  • Visitor

    There is a visitor.

    Counting their one's and two's.... more »