Hebert Logerie Quotes

Love is a selfish step-mother.
Love is not dead, but is alive, and swimming in the sea of presumptive guesstimate and bombastic false hope.
Who is that? What is that? Love with a multi-faceted images and with multiple definitions, expressions and aspirations!
Violence, instead of tolerance, and ignorance go, hands in hands, in Ferguson. When will we learn from century old nonsense that intolerance is the worst form of violence?
Since the small racists are innumerable, sometimes we need the big racists to attack or destroy the small racists, in order to end racism everywhere. As a matter of fact, the big racists will inevitably taste and swallow their own medicine. This is the big fish, small fish theory. Remember George Corley Wallace Jr., the former Governor of Alabama, during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60'S.
The Flag of Hate.
In every good thing, great sentence, there is always a but.
Mother Nature
The truth is always brief and blunt. The truth requires no metaphysical explanation, no grandiloquent exegesis, on the other hand lies do require all sorts of extenuating, creative or imaginative jargons.
Controversies can only improve things, that's why America is so great.
The best way, to defeat the critics, The protagonists or the enemies, Is not to act crazy or to recede, However, the logical thing to do is To be triumphal and to succeed.
Not to recede but to succeed.
If you use the brain in your head, you will not discriminate If you really use the heart in your chest, you will elevate Every body to a higher level You will love every body with zeal.
At times, I tried to think like MLK Jr.