• The Long Way Home

    I belong somewhere, but it isn’t here
    Where joy is o’ershadowed and smiles hold tears
    Of wounds not forgotten, though the scars disappear.... more »

  • The Master’s Touch

    a song of testimony and invitation

    It wasn’t until I needed so much,
    It wasn’t until I fell,... more »

  • The Muddy Path

    The path I walk is a muddy one,
    Far from the congested highway,
    Without green signs and the flashing lights,
    It’s charm lies within its few stones.... more »

  • The Place Where We Met

    The swells of my heart
    Rise up to the God
    Of the heavens
    Who reached down to me,... more »

  • The Sage And Fool Alike Agree

    I’m feeling very lonely now
    Amidst my spanse of friends
    All of whom have flung their arms,
    Embracing flashy trends.... more »

  • Their Worlds Collapse

    I have seen the worlds collapse
    Of friends and foes and lovers
    Whose grasp for life is insanely vast,
    But as the end approaches each... more »

  • U P R I G H T

    Unbent and untwisted,
    Perfected and pure,
    I am... more »

  • Windblown Caress

    As Daisies in meadow
    and Whitecaps on wave
    Dancing and sparkling
    Those winds they now crave... more »

  • Without Embrace

    Your palm rests only upon my cheek
    As salve upon my heart runs deep.
    Your fingers run just through my hair,
    Yet yearnings arise to keep them there.... more »

  • Witnesses

    A flame has been kindled
    Again in my heart
    That had ceased to believe
    That lovers don’t part.... more »

  • You

    Like rain in the desert,
    Built in the sky,
    Sporadic yet needed,
    You’re a feast for my eye.... more »

  • You Against Me

    You against me in long-held embrace;
    you against me, raindrops on your face;
    you against me, it’s my heart’s hiding place.
    And all I remember is you against me.... more »