helena dombrowski Biography

I was born September 20,1994 in St. Petersburg, Russia. My biological family gave me to the orphanage when I was 3 months old. The family I am currently with adopted me at the age of 16 months. I have an adopted sister from Russia also. We have fought a lot but now that she has gone to join the US Air force, we have gotten closer. I think that it is because we both matured and realized that even though we are not biologically related, we are still sisters in our heart.
On March 3,2007 I was admitted into a program called DAS for Mercy Behavioral Health (my adoptive mom and I never got along so she thinks I have anger issues) . I stayed there until April 11,2007 then I was admitted to a Residential Treatment Facility, or RFT, called Holy Family. I stayed there almost a year. In that time I learned to keep to my self and stay out of trouble.
On May 6,2007 a girl named Stefani Lombardi- Rivera changed my life forever. Up until then, I had not made any friends at the RTF. When Stefani and I started to talk, we found out that even though she is 4 years older than me, we still had a lot to talk about. The biggest thing we had/have in common is that we both love to write and use poetry as a coping skill. We began to give each other tips on how to become better at our writing, and before we knew it, we became closer than sisters. She helped me stay out of trouble while I listened to what ever she needed to talk about. Despite the age difference, we felt that we could tell each other anything.
Sadly, she left the RTF 5 weeks before me and I felt lonelier that ever. On December 27,2007 I was released from Holy Family back to my adoption family. I still keep in touch with Stefani even though we live in different states. I am glad to say that we are still as close as ever.
I am now attending Bishop Canevin High School. The teachers are really nice and i like most of the kids. Though some of them have stabbed me in the back, i am moving on and making new friends. i don't let what others think of how i act affect me and i live life too the fullest. i want my high school years to be fun, and to make new memories.
My family tries to raise me as a catholic, though I am Atheist. Only 5 people know my true religion, and none of them are my family.

I am hoping to go to the University of Pittsburgh for Law enforcement. after that i want to join the United States Air Force National Guard.
Some were between now and then; I hope to have at least one book published. Most importantly, I hope to keep my friends Nicki and Stefani close to me, and have them know that they can count on me for anything.
By the age of 30, I hope to be married. I also hope to have a few more books published and to have a successful, permanent job
Luckily, I am only a teenager, and still have a major part of my life yet to come. Though I can’t wait to grow up, I will make sure to make these days as a teenager count. The most important goal I have is to be able to look back on my life in 40 years and say to myself “ I have no regrets…”