• ~ Myspace Fan ~

    When times are hard I run away to hide
    No more will I sit back and let things ride
    I will speak my mind
    No more will I be kind... more »

  • ~all By Myself~

    ... more »

  • Another Day Goes By

    Another day goes by and your still not here with me
    Another day goes by and you is all I dream about when I sleep
    Another day goes by and your smile is the only thing that comes to mind
    Another day goes by and thinking of you that's how I kill time... more »

  • Aundy

    Life is to quick, took you in the doctor office because you was sick. The doctor came out, but you didn't Christmas next week, but you'll miss it. I cry everyday and night because in my heart it just isn't right,
    I can't believe that your gone, its hard to except the fact and move on. All I can do is cry and remissness
    The day I heard the news if your I was piss
    At least, the part I can not believe, is it really you who I see... more »

  • Black Or White

    Is it a black or white issue?
    What is it with you?
    Why Is It all about race?
    Why does it matter, what's the color of my face?... more »

  • Boy

    Boy I really love you and
    I hope this poem show it
    You is the only one for me and I hope you already know it
    Seven months and we still holding on... more »

  • Come Home

    Please come back home
    I don't like it that you are gone
    Memories I had as child keep driving me wild
    I keep thinking about your smile... more »

  • Coming Back

    Why do you want to be with me if your going to cheat? ? ?
    I gave you time after time so you can leave
    Why do you keep coming back if a faithful relationship is not what you want? ? ?
    What am I doing for you that these other girls don't? ? ?... more »

  • Different

    A new person I want to be
    Everyone is different except me
    The hunger I have for friends
    The anger I have to keep within... more »

  • Distance

    We will always be together without a doubt
    We can work through anything you have bad feelings about
    Your my everything and I love you so much
    Our love grow stronger with every touch... more »

  • Do U

    Do you really love me
    Or the curves in my body
    Do you look for what's in my heart
    Or just trying to get close to my parts... more »

  • Drug Dealer (Part 1)

    On this block 24 hours a day
    Selling this shit so I can make a way
    Out of this life and into a new
    What's on the other side I don't have a clue... more »

  • Drug Dealer (Part 2)

    The air was cold, but my body was hot
    Nervous as hell thinking that I was going to get shot
    I try to pull out my gat
    Tell me somebody why did I do that... more »

  • Drugs

    Do you think selling drugs make you a man
    Or do you do it just because you can
    Crack can miss up a whole family, but I guest you don't care
    I just want you to stop because our own mother is in fear... more »

  • Fate

    As the morning sun rise my stomach floats with butterflies
    Just the thought of you gives me the shivers
    Should I talk to you
    Oh, I'll never... more »

  • Final Goodbyes

    I open my eye this morning hoping for a change
    Got to school and realize this relationship will always be the same
    You and I will never get nowhere
    We talk here and there... more »

  • Foot Steps

    In your foot steps I stand, I stand
    All the responsibly and commands
    To get respect you must earn
    This lesson was oh so hard to learn... more »

  • Forgive Me

    All the times I left and you still took me back
    All the times we broked up and you put this relationship back on track
    Love is all you gave me
    Pain is all I let you receive... more »

  • Getting Over U

    Go, Leave, Disappear
    I don't care
    What you did to me wasn't fair
    What a fool I am or should I say a fool I use to be... more »

  • Giving Up

    ... more »

  • Go

    Where am I to go,
    When the people you love run away from you?
    Where am I to go,
    And what am I suppose to do?... more »

  • He Was Into Her As Death Was Into Sea

    As tears rolled down her eyes, his car drived away
    Knowing deep down inside, she'll never see him tomorrow nor any other day
    She didn't wipe her eyes for she wasn't ashame of her tears, for the man she loved for so many years
    She counted each and everyday that went by, for that was the number survive... more »

  • I Am A Child Of...

    I can feel the disease crawling through my skin
    I can feel my body getting weaker within
    A shadow stands upon my eye
    I am always tied and I don't know why... more »

  • I Have So Much Stress On My Mind

    I have so must stress on my mind
    Somebody please reach out to me!
    I have so much stress on my mind
    I need help can't you see!... more »

  • I Need You

    When I look in your eyes
    My stomach float with butterflies
    Nothing can change the feelings I have for you
    There are no wrongs you can do... more »