• A Song

    A cuckoo wails find my attention wrong
    When that bird weeps in the form of a song
    Mercy my overflows and longs to be kind
    So far a hart bitterly affected find... more »

  • Agony Of The Earth

    Journey in the sleep
    Put me in the paper
    Waiting for the wind
    To distribute in the world... more »

  • An Abstract Summary Of A Life

    His equivocation
    Is asking for a complex thought
    Whose flight of fancy
    And exuberant words... more »

  • An Evasive Heart

    Sickness of his involuntary pain,
    Requesting with her soul:
    Had we planted to ruin the seed?
    Or won't you let me harvest,... more »

  • Answer In The Sleep

    Happiness is expensive here
    In the foreign land.
    Consolidated alien eyes
    Dazzled with reflecting sun... more »

  • Before The Rain

    Thunder above
    Blue yonder, overcast
    Lightening furrows
    Split the sky.... more »

  • Desert My Pasture

    In search of the grass
    Far away from home
    And the distant homeland
    It is the pasture now I reach,... more »

  • Dichotomy

    Wake up in the tide
    The dream that I ride,
    How else can I hide?
    The eyes are opened... more »

  • From The Window Of A Silent Room

    Abstract solitude of a country setting
    draws me for a view to the window
    where I draw the curtain down.... more »

  • Had I Been Born Of My Will, But...

    Inclusion of our involuntary mask is
    Deserving a place where,
    Hollow performance of a fake ease
    Can not induce me as I watch.... more »

  • Hangout Of The Day

    Extricate life to enjoy
    All it's curiosity drink
    Staring and staring into deep
    For the sight of it's harsh ambiance... more »

  • Hospitable Stranger

    Eschewing her coyness
    Approaching near a whisper ask
    May I be of any help tonight?... more »

  • In Search Of My Abandoned Self

    Either streets of Ashon,
    Or the crowd of Indrachowk
    Trying to find myself,
    Awaking from the dream,... more »

  • In Search Of Water

    Comatose clouds
    A deaf ear to rain
    Kissing the wings of
    Immense sky.... more »

  • Injured Heart

    On my palm, as I keep to rest my chin
    Injured heart among the city din,
    Healthy spirit to live it search
    Days are so dark, for there is no torch.... more »

  • Lady Of The Evening

    Take notice
    Of her glowing face
    Flood of light... more »

  • Lighthouse To The Ship

    You and those kids I have left
    to return back with happiness
    In the vast ocean lonely ship I sail
    Tide is high blue tears turn... more »

  • Lonely Eyes

    Peeping to the sky:
    Beating wings of twilight
    Leading home, the birds
    Horizon, engulf the ember Sun.... more »

  • Meditation Of A Cat

    He is dressed to life
    Waiting his brother to death,
    Nightmares are now at work
    They didn't let his endeavour sleep.... more »

  • Midnight Reaper

    Planted seedlings
    During the observation grave,
    Premonitions of the day
    In the field of mind... more »

  • Night Queen

    Her aromatic
    Sensous exposure
    Painting lipstick
    Stand in the street.... more »

  • Offspring

    A dead matter,
    Flown out soul,
    Though I intend, I indulge
    Many a times I kill... more »

  • Revisiting College Canteen: A Reminiscence

    Smoking tea cups
    Stands on a table
    Encircled by people:
    These are the students,... more »

  • Ring Road

    Because in free moments
    Watching through the spreading eyes of binocular,
    Brief account of existence is found, in the circular routine
    And rejection of that rock's placement on the hill;... more »

  • Tears In The Mirror

    Eye balls they swim
    Splash to splash
    The floor is drenched
    Drop by drop... more »