• The Men Who Stuck To Me

    They were men of many nations, they were men of many stations,
    They were men in many places, and of high and low degree;
    Men of many types and faces, but, alike in all the races,... more »

  • The Motor Car

    The motor car is sullen, like a thing that should not be;
    The motor car is master of Smart Society.
    ’Twas born of sweated genius and collared by a clown;... more »

  • The Mountain Splitter

    ... more »

  • The Muscovy Duck

    The rooster is a brainless dude, although he sports a crest,
    The hen’s an awful fool we know, though hen-eggs are the best;... more »

  • The Never-Never Country

    By homestead, hut, and shearing-shed,
    By railroad, coach, and track --
    By lonely graves of our brave dead,
    Up-Country and Out-Back:... more »

  • The New Chum Jackeroo

    Let bushmen think as bushmen will,
    And say whate’er they choose,
    I hate to hear the stupid sneer... more »

  • The Old Bark School

    It was built of bark and poles, and the floor was full of holes
    Where each leak in rainy weather made a pool;
    And the walls were mostly cracks lined with calico and sacks –
    There was little need for windows in the school.... more »

  • The Old Jimmy Woodser

    The old Jimmy Woodser comes into the bar
    Unwelcomed, unnoticed, unknown,
    Too old and too odd to be drunk with, by far;
    So he glides to the end where the lunch baskets are... more »

  • The Old Mile-Tree

    Old coach-road West by Nor’-ward—
    Old mile-tree by the track:
    A dead branch pointing forward,
    And a dead branch pointing back.... more »

  • The Old Stockman's Lament

    Wrap me up in me stockwhip and blanket,
    And bury me deep down below,
    Where this piffle and sham won’t disgust me,
    In the land where the coolibahs grow;... more »

  • The Old, Old Story And The New Order

    They proved we could not think nor see,
    They proved we could not write,
    They proved we drank the day away
    And raved through half the night.... more »

  • The Other Gum

    Well Boory, I have read your “grin”,
    And listened to your whine;
    I only wish you’d sent it in
    Before I printed mine.... more »

  • The Outside Track

    There were ten of us there on the moonlit quay,
    And one on the for’ard hatch;
    No straighter mate to his mates than he
    Had ever said: ‘Len’s a match!’... more »

  • The Paroo

    It was a week from Christmas-time,
    As near as I remember,
    And half a year since, in the rear,
    We'd left the Darling timber.... more »

  • The Passing Of Scotty

    We throw us down on the dusty plain
    When the gold has gone from the west,
    But we rise and tramp on the track again,
    For we’re tired—too tired to rest.... more »

  • The Patriotic League

    Behold! the biased foes of Right
    Are conscious of their danger,
    They’re startled by the dawning light,
    So very long a stranger.... more »

  • The Patteran

    From over the leagues of ice and snow, and the miles of scorching sand;
    From back of the days of long ago, and the lonely sea and land—... more »

  • The Pavement Stones :A Song Of The Unemployed

    When first I came to town, resolved
    To fight my way alone,
    No prouder foot than mine e’er trod
    Upon the pavement stone;... more »

  • The Peace Maker

    It has a “point” of neither sex
    But comes in guise of both,
    And, doubly dangerous complex,
    It is a thing to loathe—... more »

  • The Pink Carnation

    I may walk until I’m fainting, I may write until I’m blinded,
    I might drink until my back teeth are afloat,
    But I can’t forget my ruin and the happy days behind it,
    When I wore a pink carnation in my coat.... more »

  • The Poets Of The Tomb

    The world has had enough of bards who wish that they were dead,
    'Tis time the people passed a law to knock 'em on the head,
    For 'twould be lovely if their friends could grant the rest they crave -- ... more »

  • The Port O'Call

    Our hull is seldom painted,
    Our decks are seldom stoned;
    Our sails are patched and cobbled
    And chains by rust marooned.... more »

  • The Ports Of The Open Sea

    Down here where the ships loom large in
    The gloom when the sea-storms veer,
    Down here on the south-west margin
    Of the western hemisphere,... more »

  • The Pride That Comes After

    It knows it all, it knows it all,
    The world of groans and laughter,
    It sneers of pride before a fall,
    But the bitter pride comes after:... more »

  • The Prime Of Life

    Oh, the strength of the toil of those twenty years, with father, and master, and men!
    And the clearer brain of the business man, who has held his own for ten:... more »