• 1866 -- Addressed To The Old Year

    Art thou not glad to close
    Thy wearied eyes, O saddest child of Time,
    Eyes which have looked on every mortal crime,
    And swept the piteous round of mortal woes?... more »

  • A Bouquet

    Take first a Cowslip, then an Asphodel,
    A bridal Rose, some snowy Orange flowers;
    A Lily next, and by its spotless bell
    Place the bright Iris, darling of the showers;... more »

  • A Common Thought

    Somewhere on this earthly planet
    In the dust of flowers to be,
    In the dewdrop, in the sunshine,
    Sleeps a solemn day for me.... more »

  • A Cry To Arms

    Ho! woodsmen of the mountain side!
    Ho! dwellers in the vales!
    Ho! ye who by the chafing tide
    Have roughened in the gales!... more »

  • A Dedication - To K.S.G.

    Fair Saxon, in my lover's creed,
    My love were smaller than your meed,
    And you might justly deem it slight,
    As wanting truth as well as sight,... more »

  • A Mother Gazes Upon Her Daughter

    Is she not lovely! Oh! when, long ago,
    My own dead mother gazed upon my face,
    As I stood blushing near in bridal snow,
    I had not half her beauty and her grace.... more »

  • A Mother's Wail

    My babe! my tiny babe! my only babe!
    My single rose-bud in a crown of thorns!
    My lamp that in that narrow hut of life,
    Whence I looked forth upon a night of storm!... more »

  • A Prize Poem

    A fairy ring
    Drawn in the crimson of a battle-plain --
    From whose weird circle every loathsome thing
    And sight and sound of pain... more »

  • A Rhapsody Of A Southern Winter Night

    Oh! dost thou flatter falsely, Hope?
    The day hath scarcely passed that saw thy birth,
    Yet thy white wings are plumed to all their scope,
    And hour by hour thine eyes have gathered light,... more »

  • A Summer Shower

    Welcome, rain or tempest
    From yon airy powers,
    We have languished for them
    Many sultry hours,... more »

  • A Trifle

    I know not why, but ev'n to me
    My songs seem sweet when read to thee.... more »

  • A Vision Of Poesy - Part 01


    In a far country, and a distant age,
    Ere sprites and fays had bade farewell to earth,... more »

  • A Vision Of Poesy - Part 02


    It is not winter yet, but that sweet time
    In autumn when the first cool days are past;... more »

  • A Year's Courtship

    I saw her, Harry, first, in March --
    You know the street that leadeth down
    By the old bridge's crumbling arch? --
    Just where it leaves the dusty town... more »

  • Address Delivered At The Opening Of The New Theatre At Richmond

    A fairy ring
    Drawn in the crimson of a battle-plain --... more »

  • An Exotic

    Not in a climate near the sun
    Did the cloud with its trailing fringes float,
    Whence, white as the down of an angel's plume,
    Fell the snow of her brow and throat.... more »

  • At Magnolia Cemetery

    SLEEP sweetly in your humble graves,
    Sleep, martyrs of a fallen cause;
    Though yet no marble column craves
    The pilgrim here to pause.... more »

  • Baby's Age

    She came with April blooms and showers;
    We count her little life by flowers.
    As buds the rose upon her cheek,
    We choose a flower for every week.... more »

  • Carmen Triumphale

    Go forth and bid the land rejoice,
    Yet not too gladly, O my song!
    Breathe softly, as if mirth would wrong
    The solemn rapture of thy voice.... more »

  • Carolina


    The despot treads thy sacred sands,
    Thy pines give shelter to his bands,... more »

  • Charleston

    Calm as that second summer which precedes
    The first fall of the snow,
    In the broad sunlight of heroic deeds,
    The City bides the foe.... more »

  • Christmas

    How grace this hallowed day?
    Shall happy bells, from yonder ancient spire,
    Send their glad greetings to each Christmas fire
    Round which the children play?... more »

  • Dedication

    Do you recall -- I know you do --
    A little gift once made to you --
    A simple basket filled with flowers,... more »

  • Dramatic Fragment

    Let the boy have his will! I tell thee, brother,
    We treat these little ones too much like flowers,
    Training them, in blind selfishness, to deck
    Sticks of our poor setting, when they might,... more »

  • Dreams

    Who first said "false as dreams?" Not one who saw
    Into the wild and wondrous world they sway;
    No thinker who hath read their mystic law;
    No Poet who hath weaved them in his lay.... more »