Henry VIII, King of England 28 June 1491 – 28 January 1547


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how good at sex was he
i can understand your intrigue about the Kings of England having sufficient time to write poetry; and this included Henry V, Henry VIII and Edward VI. Nevertheless, this wasn't something that they would have chosen to do; nor was it something which they would have had to deliberate on or spend much time on. They inherited a genetic trait - a genetic trait which I have traced back to the Viking Chieftain, Rognvald, Earl of Moer, Norway, in about 900 AD; and a genetic trait which I, also, have inherited. In such instances, and in response to deep thoughts on something good or bad, the words simply flow from the pen as though they had been well-rehearsed on an earlier occasion.
I did not know that the kings of england too had time to write poems. Interesting
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