• A Dedication

    FRIEND if all these verses die:
    Soon will you, and soon will I
    But, if any word should live,
    Then that word to you I give.... more »

  • A Ship Sails Up To Bideford

    A ship sails up to Bideford;
    Upon a western breeze,
    Mast by mast, sail over sail,
    She rises from the seas,... more »

  • After The Salvo

    UP and down, up and down
    They go, the gray rat, and the brown.
    The telegraph lines are tangled hair,
    Motionless on the sullen air... more »

  • Ares God Of War

    UNDER the stars the armies lie asleep:
    Between the lines a quiet river flows
    Through brakes of honeysuckle, and of rose,
    And fields where poppies droop in languor deep... more »

  • Fortune Of War

    THE far guns boom: shell-struck the church is rolled
    Skyward athunder, dust of rose and gold:
    The staring villa stands. So goes the War:
    The limelight lives: extinguished is the star.... more »

  • Jewels: A Young Man To A Merchant

    OLD Man, your pearls are not for us,
    Your rubies die too soon:
    Have you the pearls of Sirius,
    Or opals of the moon?... more »

  • Love And Humour

    WHEN first I saw you, in eclipse,
    A veil about your head,
    And wondered at those unseen lips
    With wit bediamonded:... more »

  • Nightfall

    Hooded in angry mist, the sun goes down:
    Steel-gray the clouds roll out across the sea:
    Is this a Kingdom? Then give Death the crown,
    For here no emperor hath won, save He.... more »

  • On A Troopship - 1915

    FAREWELL, the village leaning to the hill,
    And all the cawing rooks that homeward fly ;
    The bees; the drowsy anthem of the mill
    The willows winding under April sky !... more »

  • Riding

    FILL up, fill up the stirrup-cup!
    The wine is running free:
    The blue veils of the Spring are out;
    She dances on the sea.... more »

  • Soldiers At Peace

    Mourn not for these, the children of the spring :
    On Flemish plains and far Aegean sand,
    Mourn not for these, who had no perishing !
    Hang high their swords in churches greatly spanned !... more »

  • Sunset

    HOODED in angry mist, the sun goes down:
    Steel-gray the clouds roll out across the Sea:
    Is this a Kingdom? Then give Death the crown,
    For here no emperor hath won, save He.... more »

  • The Bather

    THE sea-breeze beating on her brow,
    The foam asurge her shining feet,
    She stood,-a silver Victory,
    Poised high on some Athenian prow,... more »

  • The Charioteer

    LOVE be thy charioteer:
    In all thy brightening and thy darkening hours
    May he be at thine ear;
    So shalt thou sail at ease above the tow'rs,... more »

  • The Fairy Lover

    SHE lay beneath an apple tree,
    A marble maiden, free from care;
    And round her was a canopy
    Of moonlit air.... more »

  • The Fallen Poet

    NOW that the soul has left its throne
    Behind your mortal eyes,
    And light, and colour and sound are gone
    From the body's palaces :... more »

  • The Fallen Spire [a Flemish Village]

    THE spire is gone, that slept for centuries,
    Mirrored among the lilies, calm and low:
    And now the water holds but empty skies,
    Through which the rivers of the thunder flow.... more »

  • The Fallen Subaltern

    The starshells float above, the bayonets glisten;
    We bear our fallen friend without a sound;
    Below the waiting legions lie and listen
    To us, who march upon their burial-ground.... more »

  • The Frowning Cliff

    The sea has a laugh
    And the cliff a frown;
    For the laugh of the sea is wearing him down.

    Lipping and lapping... more »

  • The Ship Of Oak

    When the bow-waves race through the foam
    and aft are the boiling trails,
    What ship is that in the fading light
    with the press and the wind in her sails?... more »

  • The Silver Birch

    O SILVER one, O silver one,
    Above the valley of the Bane:
    O stem with snow-water agleam,
    And glistening limbs, and trails of pearl.... more »

  • The Volunteer

    Here lies a clerk who half his life had spent
    Toiling at ledgers in a city grey,
    Thinking that so his days would drift away
    With no lance broken in life’s tournament:... more »

  • The Western

    THOR draws a chord invisible
    Across the shaking sky:
    I hear the tearing of the shell,
    The bullets sing and cry,... more »

  • To A Baby Found Paddling Near The Thames

    Hail! O Baby of the May
    In the bubbling river-bed,
    Playing where the cannon play,
    With the shrapnel overhead!... more »

  • Venice

    IN domes of dim and ancient gold,
    In cloisters, where the lightning plays,
    Where gleam the gorgeous saints of old
    In aisles of jade and chrysoprase,... more »