• The Death Of Sir Arthur Davidson

    It was an absolutely dreadful day
    when, at first light
    Sir Arthur Davidson had passed away.... more »

  • The Deluge From Heaven

    The little girl
    stood in
    the meadow.
    She had been... more »

  • The Dental Gummibird

    A gummibird sat in the mouth
    of a rhinocerus, down South.
    He picked between the teeth and gum
    removing every little crumb... more »

  • The Devil

    I sit by your pillow and watch you sleep,
    sit straight as a willow, and ready to weep.
    Your poor chest is heaving,
    the doctors are leaving.... more »

  • The Devil's Cousin

    In case you people do not know
    don't say I did not tell you so.
    The devil has a nasty cousin
    who fathered, by himself, a dozen... more »

  • The Devil's Spark

    They used to laugh about
    that inconvenience of the spark
    of static electricity, that zapped
    without announcing its intention.... more »

  • The Diet Book

    Matilda sat in her recliner
    and read a book called Diet Diner.
    A guru stopped her on the street
    when she was buying food to eat.... more »

  • The Difference

    One meets a woman and surmises
    that she would harbour great surprises.
    Two towers stand in still attention
    the other features we won't mention.... more »

  • The Doctor As A Teacher

    From under light pink silken gown
    arose, his silly face a grin
    Rudolph the red-nose circus clown
    and asked about a nip of gin.... more »

  • The Don

    They called him colourful
    for various, salient reasons.
    A renegade by birth,
    a master of all seasons.... more »

  • The Donkey Survives

    A donkey who was old and daft
    fell into a deep mining shaft.
    The farmer heard the donkey's cries
    and when the sun rose in the skies... more »

  • The Double Helix

    The double helix, yes.
    Talking genomes here,
    genetic fiddling,
    all are four letter words,... more »

  • The Drone

    There once was a girl from DeSoto,
    she had nothing of value, in toto.
    So she spread herself thin
    sent an envelope in,... more »

  • The Dual Priest

    And here I am, you thankless whore
    I have been with you once before
    you may not be the lowest scum
    I may not look, to you, the bum.... more »

  • The Dying Room

    A light, its amber glow a fleeting thought,
    shines through the drapes into the Dying Room.
    They call it that, so unashamedly, as if to say
    that we depart this earth upbeat and clutching life,... more »

  • The Easterbunny And Angie's Boy (Tit-For-Tat-Poem)

    The Easterbunny came and laid
    a dozen eggs, there, in the shade.
    As Angie's son rolled out of bed
    and to the Bunny he then said:... more »

  • The Egyptian Doctor

    Mary B. could never come
    tried for many hours,
    took to drinking Bundy Rum
    made from Sweetcane flowers.... more »

  • The Electric Chair

    Through rusted, solid iron bars
    I stare into the foreign sky
    and wonder if there's life on Mars.
    The nips have sentenced me to die.... more »

  • The End

    Not a whisper is heard
    nor a shadow be seen.
    When she gave me the word
    it was vicious and lean.... more »

  • The End Of It All

    And long before the dust had settled
    he himself had vanished,
    no sound had even vaguely
    disturbed the morning as it rose.... more »

  • The End Of Lily Marlene

    Lily Marlene was her name,
    her voice a mix of love and smoke.
    Me drawn to her like moths to flame
    out on the sidewalk drunk and broke.... more »

  • The End Of North Korea's Plans

    A fellow, sick with diarrhoea
    was ruler over North Korea.
    One hand was wiping his pale ass
    the other held the phone, his brass... more »

  • The End Of Robert

    The doctor said 'now listen Bob,
    your illness is the serious kind,
    and when I turn this silver knob
    on your machine you soon will find... more »

  • The End Of The Cat

    Once there was a little bitty,
    Persian cat named Nittigritty,
    did not hunt for mice or rats
    yawned when faced with flying bats,... more »

  • The End Of The Four Deceivers

    Four men, all strangers sat and drank
    hot cider near a river's bank.
    There was, in leather, with goatee
    a skinny lad called H I V.... more »