• I Shall Not Weep

    You meant to say
    'don't cry for me',
    but stuffy, stoic you,
    you had no words... more »

  • I Smile, My Love

    Remember when we met,
    we were a bit perplexed.
    We searched the bay
    and all its parks, some green... more »

  • I Thank You, God

    He had an inkling,
    but could not put a finger
    or even just a thumbnail onto it.
    And how, it did occur,... more »

  • I Wake Each Morning

    I wake each morning now, regretful of the loss
    that daylight brings when it destroys a man's own dreams,
    I do not fiddle with my toes nor do I toss
    since she has come into my life, or so it seems.... more »

  • I Was Going To

    I was writing a poem when five little men
    came over to see me at quarter to ten.
    A cute little bird, irresistible bait,
    tagged along and was tired, well you see it was late.... more »

  • I Watch You

    I watch you
    as you sleep,
    each nare
    expands... more »

  • I Will Always Wait For You

    It was the morning when she turned,
    to have a look, such simple curiosity.
    It spelled the end, she entered endless time,
    I would, if asked by fate (Oh how I yearned!)... more »

  • Ice Gel

    She thought of a surprise
    for him, and for herself.
    The shop was advertising,
    half price today, just for today,... more »

  • Ice Flowers

    His mother had been right.
    The glass on all the windows
    transformed itself to shapes
    of the most beautiful of flowers,... more »

  • Iceberg

    It is as if a mother
    who gives birth
    at night, upon an iceberg
    and then drowns.... more »

  • Ich Weiss

    Er war nie einer der das Bitten pflegte,
    geheim gehalten wurde auch sein Name, General.
    Der Tag als er den Loeffel dann hinlegte
    war von Bedeutung, ihm jedoch egal.... more »

  • I'D Let You Pull On My Strings........

    You are
    my little pacemaker.
    So lovely to look at.... more »

  • Identity Is Everything

    From the alpine windswept quartz
    rose the beautiful Frau Schwarz.
    Wrote a comment erudite
    (every member has that right)... more »

  • Idiosyncrasies

    They killed the first prez by constant bleeding.
    Cary Grant had dentures and halitosis
    Adolf Hitler showed little if any breeding
    he farted like no one, I'll tell you what gross is.... more »

  • Idiosyncrasy

    It was a sorghum field,
    the drought had done its thing,
    until the final vital drop
    had gone into the atmosphere... more »

  • If

    If I ever get my money
    so I've told my aging honey... more »

  • If I Were A Baby

    If I were a baby
    I would want to
    be held to
    your breasts... more »

  • If I Were A Bird

    I dreamed I was a fancy feathered bird,
    you lived, for unknown reasons, overseas.
    No letters and no genuine spoken word
    would fly from swaying palms to Linden trees.... more »

  • If Wine Is Fine....What About Blueberry Pie

    Yes, my scrumptious one,
    though I have never, yet
    laid eyes or hands upon
    your blushing cheeks,... more »

  • I'M Back, Jack!

    Steroids and melatonin, you're fighting my fatigue,
    don't fret and stop your moaning, I've left behind intrigue.
    It's nice to set fat feet onto this precious soil
    in wisdom I retreat, clean blood now on the boil.... more »

  • Im Jardin Des Plantes, Paris (Rilke Translation)

    His eyes, from looking at the passing iron bars
    have tired and no images will hold
    he feels as if there were a thousand bars
    albeit behind them no reality at all.... more »

  • Im Turm Der Wartburg

    Da sitzt er, auf dem hohen Ross
    und schaut hinauf zum Licht.
    Hier wohnt, gefangen in dem Schloss
    der Mann mit heil'ger Pflicht.... more »

  • Immigrants

    They were sleeping at their desks and passed the weirdo to come in
    and they carried little bombs and hand grenades,
    asked a question seeking answers to the presence of great sin
    and the lies did flow in buckets and in spades.... more »

  • Imminent Cure?

    From Pauling down to Marc Levine
    it took a while but now we've seen
    that lines of cancer cells will die
    inside a vitamin, oh my!... more »

  • Immortality

    My name is Carcinos, I am immortal.
    Come from a proud tradition
    of noble blood.
    It was an ancestor of mine... more »