• Impudence

    And God so loved his only son
    that, as the minister was saying,
    a young lad stood up, unafraid
    and shouted, 'if God had really, truly loved... more »

  • In

    I tried so much harder
    to get into your larder,
    there were fragrances in
    and a devillish grin... more »

  • In Iceland, We Cry Together

    The snow capped mountains were
    the first we saw, ears popped a bit
    and the big bird descended now,
    you stirred there, in your window seat,... more »

  • In Love? (Bilingual)

    Verliebt. Ich bin's doch klage ich
    mein Koerper hat den Seitenstich.
    Es ist, so sagt man mir vor Jahren
    als Wahrheiten noch wirklich waren,... more »

  • In Memoriam To A Stranger

    I know I would have liked the man,
    his facial features show him as he was,
    a man of genuine humanity,
    it's one who always can... more »

  • In Praise Of Woman

    I am, let it be known, a man who sleeps at night,
    never had cause to take a pill or count those sheep.
    Yet just one moon ago I woke and switched the light,
    it would be hours for my morning clock to beep.... more »

  • In Response To A Fay Slimm Poem

    May I tell you my dear
    that the love of veneer,
    imitation and opal from glass
    is the cause of much grief... more »

  • In Schlaraffenland

    In the land so aptly named Schlaraffenland,
    he slaved all day and searched each moonlit night
    deep in the forest for the treasures of the Gods.
    His name was Hickelfloggendorp, a Nordic specimen,... more »

  • In The Beginning - The Questions And Lies

    .....and why, my sweet do I not miss you,
    why do I feel no pain sensation?
    There is no mad urge to possess you,
    I do not need you for salvation.... more »

  • In The Bordello

    She stuck a Winston 'tween her lips
    and flicked her nicotine stained fingers
    amply endowed with giant hips
    and wore perfume that somehow lingers... more »

  • In The Cave

    I looked inside the stony cave.
    There was a tiny spec of light,
    and there was movement at a depth.
    So, urgent eyes lead curious minds,... more »

  • In The Forest

    An acorn, which is just a seed
    jumped off the tree to meet a weed.
    The weed was wearing an attire
    that set the acorn's heart on fire.... more »

  • In The Forum? ? ? ?

    There once was a poet named Turner.
    He was kind and a rather quick learner.
    Then he tempted his fate
    when he stayed for debate... more »

  • In The Markets

    She was leaning, you do get my drift?
    And the meaning, it gave me a lift.
    All she wore down there, nether
    was a single blond feather... more »

  • In The Morgue

    First cut is from the top
    slice down the sternum
    add side excursions
    just above the breasts... more »

  • In The Wheatfield

    The golden glow
    of just ripe wheat
    was background,
    music with a beat... more »

  • In Your Heart

    May I request a room
    inside your heart, perhaps out back,
    A closet with a broom
    would be just fine, you see, the lack... more »

  • Inaugural - Top Up Your Lips?

    Two tiny pimples,
    imperceptible they were,
    had just appeared,
    and overnight.... more »

  • Incoming......

    I'm good at vibes.
    Always have been.
    Sometimes, when
    you pick one up... more »

  • Incompetence

    Now let me see.
    I can imagine
    how this philister
    of philosophy... more »

  • Indianapolis News

    Well it makes so much sense to this bloke,
    nightly snoring is far from a joke,
    if it's two at a time
    we shall call it a crime... more »

  • Inertia And The Tornado

    He was humongous at that.
    Using the words morbidly obese,
    quite appropriate, if perhaps unkind.
    Yellow Cab had to, orders from up high,... more »

  • Inevitable

    The joint chiefs had
    in their undoubted wisdom
    declared that war was
    well...imminent, and now.... more »

  • Inflammation?

    Those who would buy that to inflame
    is what the devil has in mind,
    inside the silliness of shame
    are those who want to stay behind.... more »

  • Influenza

    For those of you without a clue
    about the dangers of the flu
    I say before you get your shot
    you'd better say 'I'd rather not',... more »