• Infracaninophile

    I would feed you, sweet
    our homebaked bread
    and make you coffee
    the way you like it.... more »

  • Initiation

    The deftness of her fingers
    did pale inside the shade
    of testosterone initiation.
    There were no additives... more »

  • Inner Thighs

    I told you the truth.
    And, in answer
    to your question,
    it is the inside... more »

  • Insatiable

    His erotic life in tatters,
    begging her on wounded knee.
    Cruelly she said it matters,
    'size is everything to me'.... more »

  • Insomnia

    It was still dark.
    I stepped
    around the stones
    until the fragrance of... more »

  • Inspirations

    Like the poet who wrote
    that he ran out
    of inspiration,
    of words.... more »

  • Inspired By The Proctology Conference

    And when you finish with your piece of genuine art
    go grab your trumpet, blow until they truly hear.
    A trumpet may produce a lengthy trumpet fart
    pay no attention, both are welcomed by the ear.... more »

  • Insurrection

    Anti-everything needs to be tough
    must have clout in the smooth and the rough.
    So for every man
    use deodorant BAN... more »

  • Intermediate On Jerry H.- Ostbf

    It came, of course, why would it not
    down to the wire as the pundits say,
    behind the break a bit of fleshy rot
    which must be flushed and spirited away.... more »

  • Into A Moth

    It must be Jesus (pious nerd)
    who sent the message, (something stirred) .
    What more can man request of God
    but what the meek consider odd?... more »

  • Intuition

    The happiness of both my ears,
    was so contagious that day,
    that this great news then quickly spread
    through nose and eyes into my mind.... more »

  • Invisible Suits Me

    It was fun going to the concert.
    She was dressed in her Chiffon fluff,
    hat from Rodeo Drive
    and my discount necklace from Tiffany's.... more »

  • Ip

    I knew the captain of that ship,
    his face was hardened and his lip
    the lower one had quite a dip
    he liked to smoke and take a nip... more »

  • Iron Key

    Ahhhh, there it is, that iron bridge
    long missed and standing still
    aglow above the rushing waters,
    a golden moon suspended high,... more »

  • Is It A Shame?

    Veni vidi vici,
    so, was it Heyerdahl
    snug on the great Kontiki
    who then denied it all?... more »

  • Isar Encounter

    There sat on Munich's river bank
    upon a travel rug a Yank.
    Composing stories of the South
    and putting Pretzels in her mouth.... more »

  • It Is Really You

    Tear out the stuffing of your soul
    it needs not healing but more pain.
    Who says forgive the devil's deeds
    has never felt self-pity's needs.... more »

  • It Matters Not

    He knew, deep down
    that reason was suspended.
    He would come back
    inside a box, or not at all.... more »

  • It Never Rains In Death Valley

    Waking to the blessed melody of rain,
    distant thunder, golden flashes near the school.
    Resting tired eyes now staring at the stain,
    left by the welcome deluge that filled the pool,... more »

  • Its And It's - An Iq Test? (By Rachel, My Kindred Spirit)

    It's often difficult to see
    The much abused apostrophe.
    Its key is way off to the side
    Sometimes it's NOT there for its ride.... more »

  • It's Malcolm, Not Malcomb

    There once was a fellow from Britain
    who had recently thought of and written
    with a grain of defiance
    a great book of true science... more »

  • It's Not Much - But I'M Yours

    Yes, I will keep you warm
    in my cosy lap
    and I will muss up your hair.... more »

  • It's Saturday *

    I am of a strange mindset,
    a haze of unhatched thought, ,
    dragging the bedcovers again
    they fall at last, into the usual heap... more »

  • It's The Sickly Season

    Young lady, may I be so bold
    to steal a kiss to heal my cold?
    You see, the germs I caught have screwed
    inside my throat, which is quite rude.... more »

  • Jack And Jill

    Jack and Jill went into town
    to get some good tobacco
    in town they met the town's own clown
    who called old Jack a Wacko.... more »