• A Quiet Place

    This quiet place reveals His grace.
    I meditate and pray;
    For here I find true peace of mind
    By night or light of day.... more »

  • Conscience Clear

    There he stands, with hat in hand,
    A pitiful sight to see.
    Once blond hair now dirty brown,
    And tattered dungaree.... more »

  • If Only I...

    A callow mind would be inclined
    To taking reckless leaps;
    But safety nets prevent regrets
    And lives in broken heaps.... more »

  • Lonely Wait

    The doomed soul is so lonely that he is anxious even for the company of the ferryman (Charon) who will take him across the river Styx, into Hades. (Greek Mythology) At least he will have the company of other doomed souls.... more »

  • Lover's Leap

    The cliffs to her were beckoning;
    In fear did she approach the edge.
    On that sad day of reckoning
    She stood, unsteady, on that ledge.... more »

  • Medusa's Lament

    Oh, ecstasy! What hast thou done?
    Thy pleasure stripped me bare;
    My beauty's gone, thou leaveth me
    With serpents for my hair.... more »

  • Stranger At The Door

    The old man now nigh eighty years
    Reflects upon his past,
    His wrinkled eyes reflect his fears
    He has not long to last.... more »

  • Take Me Now, Death

    In the blink of an eye, I'm in life's afternoon.
    Speed onward I pray; O Death come for me soon.
    My three score and ten are now thirty years past;
    I plead for the end, as the die has been cast.... more »

  • The Love That Never Was

    I sit beneath the apple tree
    Where shady bliss relaxes me
    And heavy-eyed, in reverie,
    I wait for my true love.... more »

  • The Old House

    A visit to my old hometown
    Has my emotions mixed.
    My mind goes drifting back in time;
    I stand with gaze transfixed.... more »

  • The River

    There is a river dark and still,
    Behind a house, atop a hill.
    There in it's depths my lover lies
    And nightly I can hear her cries.... more »

  • The Sailor's Yarn

    A sailor's yarn to me was spun,
    When I was but a child;
    I thought his story would be fun
    I would not be beguiled.... more »

  • The Visitor

    The old lady waits and she peers
    Through dusty, half closed blinds,
    And when a tall young man appears,
    Her heart, new joy it finds.... more »

  • Tormented Soul

    I cry for help, but I'm alone
    As fearful creatures round me creep
    And chilling winds cut to my bone,
    I try to waken from my sleep.... more »

  • Undead

    The forest path was growing dim
    As dusk's descent came much too fast
    And I imagined creatures grim,
    But they were merely shadows cast.... more »

  • Victims Of Ourselves

    The glory of a newborn day, now lost in mists of smog,
    And sunsets hide behind a veil of gray, polluted fog.
    The moon is but a muted glow and stars no longer shine.
    Celestial lights have disappeared, disguising God's design.... more »