• Dont Be Scared

    I bought a flowing stream
    Still and productive like a dream
    Now taken away I should scream
    A voice said DON'T... more »

  • How Beautiful She Is

    Who is she a friend asked?
    What has she done to make you hers?
    Will she be your final bride?
    I stopped him and said... more »

  • My Pain My Shame

    Give me a reason not to die
    In all my purpose I have no gain
    My wrongs so much my deeds my pain
    What’s my reason to fail my goal?... more »

  • The Dark Incence

    The vulture grow fat
    Crows call feast on my path
    But scared of the bush cat
    They battle on a single rat... more »

  • The Day I Die

    In all my wealth
    I can’t control health
    It grips my mind
    Like a thief from behind... more »

  • The Moral Woman

    The moral woman
    She smiles even to an evil man
    Her heart is gentle
    And her ways are humble... more »

  • The Rain

    The cloud are formed
    With thundering sounds
    The sun light is gone
    But frog dance in their dirty ponds... more »

  • The Second I Blinked

    The second I blinked
    My eyes were bright
    And focused on the light
    It was so bright... more »

  • Time

    ... more »

  • What Happened Last Night

    In the land of ooze
    Where there is nothing beautiful but a goose
    No cows and bulls but moose
    Nothing to hunt but mouse... more »