• Anger Before Kindness

    Help! Help!
    He’s heard the words before.
    Yet when he offers assistance,
    He’s always turned away from.... more »

  • Appearances Are Deceiving

    Don’t judge people by their appearances,
    Because you never know what’s inside.
    They might be smiling, frowning, or scowling,
    But each one of them has something to hide.... more »

  • Awaiting Seasons

    She sits on the porch all day long.
    As the seasons pass, so does her young age.
    She greets summer in a yellow dress,
    She embraces autumn with open arms.... more »

  • Caged

    A cage you can't see
    Entraps me
    Restricts my freedom
    Bounds me in chains... more »

  • Hidden Courage

    Weak compared to anybody,
    Quiet as a mouse, slow as a turtle, he goes.
    Skinny bones, limp muscles,
    A meek smile and a timid face... more »

  • Left

    Maybe if you knew,
    Maybe if you cared,
    To hear my story,
    To shed my tears,... more »

  • Love Is A Funny Thing

    Love is a funny thing
    It works out and it doesn't
    But just because you're not for him
    Doesn't mean you shouldn't... more »

  • Mask Of Happiness

    He shakes their hands with a warm smile.
    His gleaming white teeth,
    Seen from as far as a mile
    His sincerest apologies,... more »

  • Siren

    Thy eye me with cautious anticipation

    Trying to second guess our fate... more »

  • The Game

    The game goes by the name
    It is the key to every sort of adulation... more »

  • Unchanging, Neverending

    The unchanging sky, a home as it flies
    Wings of time, heavy with raindrops,
    free of troubles, so they say,... more »

  • Useless Keyboard

    Stain marks from forbidden fruit
    guilt splotches on separate keys
    Staring at the symbol hp... more »

  • You Lose

    You use muscles
    and I use words
    You fling punches... more »