• Armor For Dreams

    Dreams are for the dreamer, treasures of the mind
    Hopes are from the healer, vision for the blind.
    Peace is for the mobile, trudging toward the goal
    Life is for ambition, motive for the soul... more »

  • Charissian Necessity (Proposal Poem)

    Everyday I think of what I need
    Those things I know for sure God will provide
    Because he said as long as I loved him
    He’d never see my humble needs denied... more »

  • Comptonian Folktale

    Once upon a time there lived a whore
    of meager wages and of meager hope,
    who walked the streets of Compton every night
    in search of tricks to fill her veins with dope.... more »

  • Contractions Poem

    10: 53 am Contraction
    10: 59 am Contraction

    Your Mother is having me time these for the doctor, but I will probably turn this into a poem.... more »

  • For My Momma, And Other Women I Love

    Sometimes God grants me blessings, some so profound, you see
    That I cannot begin to know why God gave them to me
    But I receive them gladly, and pray the Lord won’t choose
    To take away the precious things I can’t afford to lose... more »

  • Hail James Ragan, King Mpw

    Hail to James Ragan, King MPW
    Retired now, but not from memory.
    The first poet to have a steady job
    teaching young troubled minds by western sea.... more »

  • I Feel The Love (A Love Letter To The Lapd)

    I love the Police. Even the word sounds so sweet Po-Li-Ce
    I love the way they flash that bright white light in my face when they ride pass me- checking to make sure I’m black, and fortunately for me in a car with other black men.... more »

  • Invocations, For Baby Basco

    Let Poetry surround your humble frame
    and Letters form the contours of your name
    Let all your days be overcome with rhyme
    and song mark the occasion of your time... more »

  • New Psalm 15

    I write these words to God and him alone
    Surveyor of my soul, my prince of peace
    Who pours his blessings on my troubled soul
    and grants forgiveness for my heart’s release... more »

  • The World According To A 26year Old

    I find it a privilege to be among the breathing
    To walk among the inhalers and exhalers of these latter days
    And having gone to sleep and woken up 9490 mornings in a row
    I look forward to the heaven and hell that waits for me at my front door... more »

  • What God Creates

    In Life there are those things which God creates
    That which he fashioned with his touch Divine
    Knowing with certainty the things he made
    Would never falter, stand the test of time... more »

  • What Shall They Say In My Demise?

    What Shall they say in demise?
    Shall trumpet roar, and drummers blare
    the country’s pain upon their snare?
    Shall roses pour into the wind... more »

  • Wisdum

    I sho nuff hates a man hoo wastes his lyfe duwin nuthin
    Whaches dat box all day instead wukin lyka man aught too
    Dese young peoples tuday whonts evathang handed to ‘em
    But dey aint willin to wuk fo it... more »