Hither Kusum 20th March,1984

This is Kusum who believes in the innate “capacity” of literature and art in creating changes and awareness throughout the globe. Words when aesthetically arranged, and put forward the readers, can sew a beautiful world till now unimagined by our minds. Whenever and where ever I get hold of time I strive hard to pen down few lines. My heart and mind is yearning for walking in the untrodden path. I earnestly desire to experience that beautiful space, untouched by market, money and other materialist factor. Heavily influenced by nature and culture, my eyes prefer looking at the truth of living and life. Life for me is not a linear path, where we are put like puppets and pawns. We might be puppets in the hands of the Almighty, but we are not made to work as individuals devoid of intellectual capacity. The act of living has been heavily manipulated and defined in today’s age. Vulgarization of life, mockery of human essence is being consistently done in today’s consumerist world. These poems are my reflections and an account of all those failings in the current world. It’s also a platform for like-minded people to come together and create something new in any field.
As a poet, I have been immensely influenced by Late Kamala Das.Hence, that touch is visible in my poems.. Some of my poems are being published in the spring edition of an US magazine.



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