• Drinking

    I watch wide eyed whores sway and giggle as they listen to lies from the barroom bores
    Elf like girls totter by pretending not to here the wolf whistles growl, once daddy's little queen now a hundred men's wet sticky dreams.
    I watch 40 year old boys throw peadophillic glances at underage dancers seemingly
    Dressed for a nite under their faceless host... more »

  • Lonely

    I'm tired drinking French vinager out of a dirty glass
    I have sat hear for hours making countries out of stains on the floor
    Building matches up like bonfires and dowsing them with the worst merlot
    These are the things I do when I'm coming down, these are things I do now your... more »

  • Lsd On Belfast

    Feral women and rabid men reel through drunken streets,
    Faces pressed up against the windows of gold dust taxis, they signal with one or two fingers at the poeple hopefully waving their arms.
    Abuse fills the doorways and entry's, steam rises were shadowy figures stand.
    On down the road tomorrow's trash of burger wrappers and bottles rain down on pigs in uniform as they beat the hell out of another soul so they can collect the queens head.... more »