• Dear Diary

    Today this sunny breezy day
    He shall to be gone far far away from me
    His beautiful smile will be taken numerous miles away
    Oh Lord I wish this day would never be... more »

  • The One

    The one will know how to love me
    His hugs will be just right
    His kisses will be so sweet
    I’ll be lost in paradise every single night... more »

  • The Weather

    The sun is gone
    I wonder what I have done
    To make the sun do this
    The clouds are rolling in... more »

  • Trapt

    As I grew
    Fear and anger grew huge within me
    Late at night I tossed and turned
    Feeling the pain grow deeply inside of me... more »

  • Untitled

    Days are flying by quick
    The clock is ticking by fast
    I hope I shall not turn into a brick
    And forget about our past... more »

  • You

    Why is it i feel so blue?
    Is it the fact your love ain't so true
    Sometimes I wonder why I'm still with you
    Your touch and words aren't the same as they use to... more »