Born in Karachi, on 30th January,1961, in a well educated family. Hanif was endowed with an extra ordinary intellect, which he improved by dint of his hard work and devotion to his studies.
In private life, he was a very lovable man, and respectful to his elders and kind to his juniors.
He lived a full life.He had a number of friends and a number of social obligations which he always discharged with smiling face.
He died of an accidental drowning due to a fall on June 4th,1982 in Arabian sea, near Karachi.
We shall all return to dust but late Hanif Zubedi(Honny) has gone too early in his twenties.
These are the ways of God.

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Honny Zubedi Poems


She's the soul of my thoughts,
In front of her my life bows.
From the day I saw her,
It felt- - -we knew each other.... more »

A Lively Scene.

What a lovely sight it would make,
Me and you, standing near the lake,
And the distant hills, looking so great,
Also enjoying the young night, after the sunset.... more »


Standing alone,
Surrounded by this heavy winter evening,
Dark clouds probed with occasional lightening,
Similarly your image flashes, and is gone.... more »

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Comments about Honny Zubedi

Akhtar Jawad 11 May 2014 12:17
I write comments on Honny, but my comments dis-appear, Oh! angles are you carrying my comments to him in paradise.
Akhtar Jawad 11 May 2014 12:13
It was really painful to know that he does not exist materially but he is alive and shall remain alive in the hearts of poetry lovers.