• Demons (Haiku)

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  • Deployment

    Let us not blink,
    For I want this moment.
    Blue eyes staring into mine,
    Tears choking back every word.... more »

  • Given A Chance

    Suede, cotton, and nylon condemn me to my beliefs;
    Ignorance and masculinity condemn you to yours.
    The word ‘wolf’ won’t stop sounding,
    Bullets are not the only threat.... more »

  • Hope Against Hope

    A place that is placelessness,
    Being crossed by a temporary road.
    Watch the master change his work upon the canvas;
    Every stroke will endure what no longer exists.... more »

  • Little Blackbird

    I watched a little blackbird perch upon my window sill.
    A sign had come at last,
    The ice was to come once more.
    Winds of fury,... more »

  • Thread Of Life

    Clotho gave hope,
    Lachesis grew weary,
    Atropos sealed the unspoken deal.
    Three fates took their choosing,... more »

  • Time Keeper (Haiku)

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