• 2 A.M.

    It’s 2 A.M.,
    I lie here awake,
    I try to figure out my latest mistake,
    ‘Cause it’s eating away at my heart.... more »

  • Dark Night

    Everyone is doing great,
    Everyone, but me is happy,
    Why is it that only I seem to hate?... more »

  • I Hate You With A Passion

    You make me weak.
    You make me feel dirty and sick.
    You make me crazy,
    You make me cry quick.... more »

  • Lost Me Forever

    Jimmy, baby, how could you?
    How could you tear me up like this inside?
    Do you have any remorse?
    How could let me drown in the tears I have cried?... more »

  • My Story Is Told

    I hold it in,
    I feel the pain,
    I feel you near,
    It drives me insane.... more »

  • Promise Not To Be

    Touch me baby,
    Make me feel as if I'm awake,
    Touch me so my senses start to break,
    Touch me.... more »

  • Was So Wrong

    The love we had just made came down like a ton of bricks.
    Life was so good,
    Until you fucked it up in the midst-... more »