• A Forbidden Winter

    Out of your reach,
    Words you cannot speak,
    A love that cannot be,
    A future we cannot see,... more »

  • A Good Holiday

    Their voices are carried down the halls
    Making me just want to fall
    How can they be so cheerful?
    When everything about this holiday makes me fearful.... more »

  • A New Year

    Another year comes around
    But is there still hope to be found?
    A fresh start, a clean slate
    To bad it’s all too late.... more »

  • A Nightmare Without The Waking

    My whole world is spinning
    I try to stop it but there’s just no winning.
    It’s out of control
    It’s crushing my soul... more »

  • A Painful Romance

    Why does it hurt so much?
    Every time we touch,
    I don’t understand this
    It was just a kiss... more »

  • A Promise Of The Masses

    I fake my life everyday
    That’s just the game I play,
    There’s nothing anyone can do
    But play along too,... more »

  • A Terrible Thought

    This thought poisons my mind
    A terrible thought that should not be,
    A thought none should think
    A lie of happiness, a false hope... more »

  • All For You

    This is my worst nightmare,
    I can see your face
    I can see what you’re feeling,
    It’s awful.... more »

  • Anymore

    Do you know how much it hurts?
    To lose the person you love?
    To have them tell you they don’t care?
    To have them rip your heart out?... more »

  • Black And White

    I wish the world were black and white
    No shades of grey,
    It would be so much easier
    If things were that way... more »

  • Blooming

    Hold my breath,
    Close my eyes,
    Waiting for the ripping
    Deep inside... more »

  • Darkness

    Darkness surrounds
    It’s comforting, nearly
    My heart is bound
    I can’t see clearly.... more »

  • Deceiving

    Careless and carefree
    He jumps around having fun,
    He doesn't care who sees
    He doesn't care what he's done... more »

  • Don'T Pretend And Hide

    I talk in stanzas and verse
    Some might say it’s a curse
    Others will say it’s a blessing
    Even though what I say is depressing... more »

  • Dream

    My mind is filled
    With red and blue,
    Hard to guess?
    No, you always knew.... more »

  • False Fantasies

    Safe in your arms
    That’s where I want to be,
    I’m trapped and enclosed
    But yet feel so free... more »

  • From Dawn To Dusk

    As the sky darkens I think of you
    And all the things you said you would do
    You said you would always be there
    You said you would always care... more »

  • Goodbye

    The tears I cry
    Have now run dry,
    I no longer think of you
    And all the hateful things you do... more »

  • Happy And Free

    This darkness is haunting me,
    I try hold onto the light,
    But it keeps slipping
    Out of sight.... more »

  • I Am Me

    I’m crumbling from within
    My minds in a continuous spin,
    Round and around it goes
    I’m great at hiding so no one knows... more »

  • I Wait...

    As I walk out that door I wait…
    I wait for you to call after me
    I wait for you to hold me back
    I wait for you to see…... more »

  • I'M Going To Stand Up Tall

    I can’t explain how I feel inside
    It’s just too complicated for my mind
    I know I’m not the only one
    Who feels like they can never have fun... more »

  • I'M Scared

    I’m scared,
    They’ll see through my lies
    I’m scared,
    They’ll see the cracks in my mask... more »

  • I'M Sorry

    You just sit there
    Staring with those beautiful eyes,
    While I fill with fear
    Because of all of my lies... more »

  • It's A Bit Late Now

    Blood seeps from my wrists
    Tears fall from your eyes
    I’m a second away from bliss
    Thanks to your lies... more »