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here i hear my voice in your voice.let this voice be the choice of who lost their hopes, let this voice rejoice... believe the true poets’ of this earth will not back down! They will charge hell with a pail of words, quenching hell’s heat. A Poet wills rhythm to a beat with words that are strong. The poets’ rhyme creates a truculent message well heard… TAMARA HANARING (5/9/2009 6: 11: 00 PM) | Delete this message loved it Howard..and i saw your comment on yoonoos poem where you call for all to unite and yes each poet has to carry his voice to reach far away where the diplomacy can't reach..this is always what i believe and i have many voices still here didnot heared yet...the warrior voice is my mate and that what let me first time to listen to your weepy voice where you were pleasing all to hear..where you were wondering if the humanbeing are cevilised enough while they can' t hear a crying child lost all his dears...excellent one and call for all to unite and be the choice of all who lost their dreams and freedom voice..10+++++