Howard Simon

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Howard Simon, is one of the greatest motivational poet of our times. His poems are brimming with love, hope and positive incentives to live a complete life. I love his philosophy which is Yogic in nature. To make continuous effort, without deviation, until you reach your goal. I am highly inspired by his poems and hope to read all his poems. Howard, I wish you the very best in life. Be blessed!
‘I Choose The Mountain~ ‘, ‘~the Power Of A Tear~’, and ‘~something Big’ (to name a few) are some of his invaluable pieces of poetry that are works of class and timeless! He is a great poet in modern English Poetry’. His significant contribution to the field of literature and to this wonderful world of Poem Hunter is noteworthy! I wish him all success in his life!
Howard Simon is not only a great poet but also a great man, very receptive and kind hearted to fellow poets! He believes in quality of works and praises poems of fellow poets without any tinge of jealousy! I have read some of his poems and reviewed just a few of them! How tough it is to review a great man’s works! I enjoy the challenging task of reviewing his great pieces of poetry!
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