Howard Simon

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Truly beautiful poetry, I was shocked to discover next to nothing about Howard Simon online after reading some of these truly wonderful words
The most striking feature of Simon's poetry is that it is highly inspirational...! His pen name 'inspirational poet' is not an appendage or decoration to his name, but in spirit he is motivational. With a few delightful and inspirational poems, he has left an indelible mark on poem hunter and he is loved and acclaimed by quite a large number of fellow poets. May he continue to be a poet of renown!
Howard Simon, is one of the greatest motivational poet of our times. His poems are brimming with love, hope and positive incentives to live a complete life. I love his philosophy which is Yogic in nature. To make continuous effort, without deviation, until you reach your goal. I am highly inspired by his poems and hope to read all his poems. Howard, I wish you the very best in life. Be blessed!
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