• Lowry Bay

    I am not here alone. A hidden throng
    Is round me in the vesper of the sky.
    Dead Babylon and Nineveh are nigh;
    Rome, Antioch; the slave who felt the thong;... more »

  • Rosalind

    Rosalind has come to town!
    All the street’s a meadow,
    Balconies are beeches brown
    With a drowsy shadow,... more »

  • Spring In New Zealand

    Thou wilt come with suddenness,
    Like a gull between the waves,
    Or a snowdrop that doth press
    Through the white shroud on the graves;... more »

  • To A Sea Shell

    Friend of my chamber--O thou spiral shell
    That murmurest of the ever-murmuring sea!
    Repeating with eternal constancy
    Whatever memories the wave can tell;... more »