• A Christmas Thought

    Yes, it's Christmas once again:
    Commercial dance nearly done
    only morning-after sales left,
    unless of course you're Orthodox... more »

  • A Poem To Honor St. Valentine

    If youth could age's wisdom ken,
    & age could know youth's fire again
    or age could Old Time's hands turn back
    T'would then be youth with time to spend... more »

  • A Struggle 'Twixt Love And Fear

    Too oft in time
    it seems a crime
    to open up one's heart.
    Comes into play... more »

  • An Ice-Bound Heart

    Encased in indifferent ice
    glacial heart beats slowly, coolly
    caring less about others' needs
    than preserving spirit's isolation;... more »

  • An Unrequited Heart (A Sonnet)

    Too much of this, yet ne'er enough, for you
    alone can fill this empty void within my heart
    wherein reason fails & of mem'ry all is rue.
    I beg you lady, to begin. What's left is all your part.... more »

  • Aneurysm Or The Bubble's Burst

    Pain & pressure in my head
    intense, almost unbearable
    gives warning soon I might be dead...
    (A condition quite past care-able.)... more »

  • Angel Dancer

    Look longingly,
    eye on the prize,
    distant horizon; whatever...
    it is not enough to have... more »

  • Another Victim Of Chemical Warfare

    How must it be to see with compound eyes:
    myriad images of the same view
    each with a slightly different focal length?
    How can your nervous system not overload,... more »

  • Burnt Offerings

    (dedicated to those who perished 09/11/2001)

    'A world teetering on the brink...'
    so speak pundits... more »

  • Crystal Creek Road

    Meanders: curves left and right
    in random sweeps, mirroring its namesake.
    Water runs parallel to macadamed roughness,
    spills over rocks, smoothing, polishing -... more »

  • Dancing With The Tao

    A river
    or mountain brook
    murmurs over stones,
    a mystery of tranquility... more »

  • Driving By The Boneyard

    Driving by a boneyard
    in January, I see winter sky
    naked trees &
    bare stones, row on row... more »

  • Dry Bones

    Often I wonder
    about my bones:
    dry & fragile
    after eons of... more »

  • Duality & Unity

    Crossing silent, grassy spaces
    revealing stars behind velvet cloak
    night chases sun into the sea.... more »

  • Embracing Persephone

    Your icy reign almost an end,
    stolen bride prepares her return to light.... more »

  • Envious Of Extinction

    I find myself envious of extinction:
    Snail Darters & other species hanging on the brink...
    More envious still of those already vanish'd
    from our corrupted & polluted plane... more »

  • Fever

    Moments of lucidity are rare
    when blood boils when blood boils
    reason's displaced by febrile dreams
    body shaking: rattling glimpses... more »

  • First Valentine's Since... (A Sonnet)

    February skies, dead trees, brown grasses mown
    no touch of sun corrupts the perfect grey
    of this empty season, this emblematic day.
    Full of heart's frost, wind has blown... more »

  • Five Haiku

    1. Celestial Delight

    On a moonless night
    stars enter sky through clouds:... more »

  • Flight

    Lapwings count moments
    circling dead leaves.
    Sky is amber with autumn.
    As day fades light is cold & clear.... more »

  • For My Mother

    Seven years since your eyes
    closed for the last time
    Scrub clad in whites or greens,... more »

  • From A Window

    The window presents a view:
    various shades of verdancy;
    bright yellow green to deepest pines
    & a thousand tones in between.... more »

  • From A Window (Revision)

    Window presents a view:
    variegated shades of verdancy
    - loud yellow greens to deepest pine
    & a thousand tones in between -... more »

  • Heart's Song, The Inadequacy Of Words

    How can I express the inexpressible?
    Paint with words a portrait of my heart
    when I think of you -
    Not the pulsing muscle... more »

  • I Thought It Would Rain Today

    I thought it would rain today
    sky hanging low & threatening
    but like a bully w/o balls
    it merely blustered:... more »