Hunter Evett Biography

I am a senior in highschool and have entered one of my peoms in a nationwide contest and one of mine was the only one of 2 selected in tennessee to enter the national competition. Not a lot else to say about me other than edgar allen poe is quite an inspiration in some of his poems. i feel like some of him has rubbed off on my writing and through my writing i have gained a unique understanding of his intelligence and his abstract mind in ways i never thought imaginable. this man felt more feelings than you nor i could have ever imagined. dream in a dream is a poem i felt like i had been writing all along with the story of my life when i read it(of course this is by poe himself) . there was such a misunderstood amount of feeling in that poem that just blew my mind. thank you for reading my poetry and i really hope you enjoyed it. Oh and also, im in college now going to be a junior majoring in actuarial studies. thanks!